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Hillary Clinton Email Hacker to Be Extradited to the US

Hillary Clinton Email Hacker to Be Extradited to the US

by Samburaj DasMarch 8, 2016

Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel, also known by his hacker handle “Guccifer” is being extradited to the United States to face charges of computer intrusion and identity theft following several hacking incidents of former and current leaders and celebrities.

42-year old Romanian hacker Lehel, best known for hacking sprees that involved hacking and publishing artwork and emails belonging to former US President George W. Bush and the emails of several celebrities including Steve Martin and Leonardo di Caprio is now facing trial in the US following Romania’s approval for his extradition.

Speaking to Reuters, a Romanian source said:

The [top court of Romania] approved an 18-month temporary extradition to America for the hacker. This follows a request by U.S. authorities.

Notably, “Guccifer” was also the original source who discovered Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account whilst the current Democratic Presidential hopeful was the then Secretary of State.

Lehel was charged by the US Department of Justice in 2014 on charges of unauthorized access to a protected computer, cyberstalking, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

“Guccifer” was also sentenced to four years in jail by a Romanian court in 2014 for seeking to acquire confidential data by illegally accessing email accounts of public figures in Romania. The hacker is also serving another three-year prison term for a string of other offences.

Through a mix of open source intelligence gathering and a knack for social engineering, Lehel was able to gain access to multiple email accounts.

Lehel only began hacking in his mid-30s as an unemployed taxi driver and a part-time paint salesman. According to reports, Lehel was a misfit, understandably intelligent with his hacking prowess and one who, prosecutors claimed, was seeking fame. “Guccifer” was also reportedly interested in the occult and was actively interested in targeting US officials to in order to establish links with the Illuminati.

The hacker’s incursion leading to the most serious repercussions was that of the email account belonging to Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton family’s confidant. When in control of the account, the hacker copied several emails which contained detailed memos of correspondence with Hillary Clinton. These emails contained elaborate information about international affairs that caused a storm in the United States when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton was using her personal email instead of her government address.

In a telephone interview with The Smoking Gun in February this year, Guccifer claimed he welcomed his extradition.

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  • Mansgame

    You Bernie-bots need to give it up. He doesn’t stand a chance. Admit that you only like him because he wants to give you free stuff.

    • Derek

      I hate him for that, I love him for everything else. Why cant we have his honesty and lack of cooperate connections along with NOT wanting to make more government programs. I’m all for relegation to keep men honest…

      But Hilary just wants it all to her self, and she will say and do what ever is necessary to make that happen.

      • Scully Ghostfacer

        p.s. It’s not free stuff. It’s an allocation of taxes that equates to the funds we do have being better spent, for the benefit of all.

        • Derek

          I never said where he got the money, I was careful in the words I choose, I said “Government Programs”. It would not matter if the money came from the tooth fairy, it would still be mismanaged, slow, and corrupt.

          This is because of Government is exactly that, how can we expect their children to be any different?

          • pumpkin

            Yes your so right. Better to leave the money in the pockets of the millionaires and billionaires and screw all the poor. Wow these things actually come out of the mouths of “religious” people. Lol. Make Bernie take some carpentry lessons and you couldn’t tell him from Jesus. All he wants to do is help the poor and make the rich pay for their greed and all you high and mighty Bible thumpers put him down. Hypocrites.

        • Sue Zee

          Excuse me…..if it wasn’t for DEADBEAT DADS, the welfare system would not be such a necessity in the U.S. Period.

          • If it were not for the equally number of DEADBEAT MOTHERS on drugs and slutting around. Their would not be a need for welfare.
            And also, the Welfare system has encourage more mothers to be deadbeat’s and sluts.
            Take away the safety net, and all of the sudden, people start acting more right. And more responsible.
            Cheating woman drive men away.
            “No hymen no diamond”
            United builds beautiful family’s.
            Modern TV and Movies engineer both men and woman to act wrongly. And to deceive.
            Stop watching Hollywood garbage, and all of the sudden. You have upright Men and upright women..

          • pumpkin

            Are you serious? Your being sarcastic right? If not you need some serious help lady.

      • pumpkin

        How is making the billionaire class pay their fair share of taxes and wall Street paying the people back after we bailed them out getting free stuff?! People who say such things are so stupid. They are nothing but sheeple.

    • Scully Ghostfacer

      If Bernie supporters want free stuff, why are they the only ones funding their own campaign? And what’s so bad with wanting an allocation of taxes? C’mon you can do better than that.

    • Bax Richards

      Apparently Clinton is giving more free stuff out to the people who actually vote for their own interests over societies interests. Smart woman.

      • pumpkin

        Your so right, that’s why the former chairman of the AACP backs Bernie…. Those white liberals are so silly.

    • pumpkin

      I’d like anyone over Clinton. The generations are changing. Can’t hide who you take money from anymore. Can’t say your anti fracking and hold a fundraiser with fracking companies…etc. Just doesn’t work anymore. Corruption is harder to hide with the internet. Hillary is drowning in corruption. I want to like her, if you take her at face value and don’t dig deeper then she is likable but she lies like she breathes. Sad but true.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my goodness I disagree with your post and I’ll vehemently explain why: You suck at trolling Mansgame, you bitch.

  • patriot7080

    Trump will Pardon him for all of the juicy details.

    • pumpkin

      Lol could hardly blame him, would love to know them myself

  • Hillary Clinton, single minded, intolerant of those who do not think as she does. And plans to use Presidential authority “Executive Order” loosely like the dictators of England and Saudi Arabia, to override the democratic majority to empower ISIS and Gays adopting little boys. Wow, Clinton 2016!