Hackers Release Seventh Data Dump From Sony Pictures

In what is being called one of the worst cyber-attacks in recent history, a hacking group calling itself Guardians of Peace have crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment. Hackers have released a steady stream of sensitive corporate data which includes correspondence between senior executives discussing topics ranging from salary, finances, politics and opinions on actors and actresses.

Recently the hackers posted a message containing links to what they are claiming is the seventh archive of data stolen from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The latest documents contain internal PowerPoint presentations on Grouper, a video site Sony acquired in 2006 and renamed Crackle. There even appears to be a file directory from former Sony Pictures executive Jim Underwood labeled, “junderwood.” In the posted message, there were also suggestions of what would be included in forthcoming releases.

Investigators working for Sony believe that the group behind the attacks in linked to North Korea. While North Korea has denied any involvement, they have called the hack a “righteous deed”. North Korea has condemned the upcoming Sony-produced film “The Interview,” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The film is about two American tabloid-TV reporters who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korea leader Kim Jong-un during an interview. North Korea has called the film “an act of war” and lobbied for the UN and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to stop the film’s release.

James Bond and Spider-Man Compromised

Sony storeSony has been retaliating from these hacks by counter-hacking to keep its leaked files from spreading across torrent sites. Sony has also reportedly demanded that at least three media outlets stop reporting stories based on documents obtained by the hackers. The New York Times, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter each published stories claiming that they had received letters from David Boies, a Sony attorney, saying the documents were “stolen information.” The letter demanded that the outlets to avoid the hacked documents and destroy the ones already obtained.

The latest information released has compromised James Bond and Spider-Man. Early drafts for the new Bond film ‘Spectre’ was included, and emails reportedly suggest “Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield might get booted from the series.

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