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Hackers Attempt to Extort Polish Defense Ministry for $50,000 in Bitcoin

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Hackers Attempt to Extort Polish Defense Ministry for $50,000 in Bitcoin


This article was posted on Friday, 16:05, UTC.

A hacker group that calls itself “Pravvy Sector” is trying to extort the government of Poland for $50,000 in traditional money or bitcoin, with the threat of releasing stolen data from the country’s Defense Ministry.

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Pravvy Sector or “Right Sector”, a hacking group that – as its name implies – has far-right leanings is threatening to release data it purportedly stole from Poland’s Defense Ministry. Unless of course, the government coughs up $50,000 as a ransom payment.

The group made its threat via its Twitter account.

“This is the last warning,” a tweet read. “[A]nd if the Polish Gov. dnt pay us $50k we will publish all the logs in public within few hours.”

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The group then posted bank details where it sought to receive the payment, complete with the name of the beneficiary, account number, the name of the bank and the SWIFT code for the bank account.

The next tweet clarified Pravvy Sector’s extortion demand, stating that it preferred a bitcoin payment instead and included the bitcoin address.

Pravvy Sector is named after its namesake “Right Sector”, a nationalist organization from the Ukraine which is outlawed in Russia.

In an effort to prove that it had possession of legitimate stolen data from the Polish Defense Ministry, the group leaked some of the files they supposedly stole, on Twitter. As reported by Softpedia, they ‘leaks’ include several document scans, an Excel file that contained nearly 1,5000 entries of local intranet logs from the Defense Ministry network and more.

In a statement, the Ministry confirmed that the data breach had indeed affected its database.

“In connection with the information on hacking of the Defence Ministry’s database, [we] clarify that it was a manipulation to create the impression of a dangerous cyberattack,” the ministry stated, according to SputnikNews.

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