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Hacker Claims a Successful PS4 Jailbreak

Hacker Claims a Successful PS4 Jailbreak

by Samburaj DasDecember 14, 2015

It was only a matter of time before hackers figured out a way to jailbreak the most popular selling videogame console around, Sony’s PlayStation 4. One hacker has claimed just that, by confirming a PS4 jailbreak.

With a tweet to stroke the curiosity and envy of millions of PlayStation 4 console owners, a hacker who calls himself CTurt on Twitter has confirmed a jailbreak on his PS4.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the most popular selling gaming console worldwide and has shipped over 30 million consoles to date since its launch two years ago. The figures were revealed in Sony’s recent press release which showed the Japanese hardware giant’s console outselling its closest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, by nearly double the latter’s sales figures.

Gaming consoles with custom firmware that come soon after a successful jailbreak are hard to achieve but aren’t entirely uncommon. The previous generation of popular gaming consoles – Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox have both been jailbroken via hardware and software exploits.

CTurt’s PS4 Jailbreak

Earlier this month, CTurt claimed to successfully exploit the PS4’s kernel with the help of a wider hacker/modding community that he thanked in a tweet.

Although there is no working proof of concept for any of the information reported here, CTurt has previously released other webkit exploits for the console including a version of the PS4 SDK and is given the benefit of the doubt as a credible source. The kernel exploit only works with a PS4 which doesn’t go beyond firmware version 1.76.

The kernel exploit fast-tracked the jailbreaking process, which the hacker now claims to have achieved. Furthermore, the hacker also revealed that he or she successfully dumped the console’s RAM from other processes with a tool before making his or her intentions clear to patch the RAM next.

In the past, console makers have banned jailbroken consoles from online gaming networks as a measure to curb the practice but that hasn’t stopped those engaging in game piracy. For obvious reasons, the likes of Sony and Microsoft routinely release updates with patched versions of the firmware that nullifies the means to a jailbreak.

In the meantime, PS4 console owners are certain to keep a keen eye on the console’s jailbreak scene that has previously (and successfully) exploited Sony’s original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. Sony was able to somewhat curb the process of jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 –although jailbroken PS3s still exist – and it is a certainty that Sony will be working on a new firmware update to render the jailbreak null and void.

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