Google Will Offer DDoS Shield for News Websites

With Project Shield, Google has launched a new free service that protects news websites, election information sites and informational websites about human rights against DDoS attacks.

A thoughtful, novel and much-needed free service in the form of Project Shield is Google’s latest offering that will see websites protected from DDoS attacks.

The service will see harmful traffic filtered out from reaching websites to only allow safe traffic reaching websites’ servers.

Project Shield

Project Shield works via a ‘reverse proxy’ which sees its servers receive traffic requests instead of the website it’s protecting, before allowing the safe traffic to pass through.

By using its cloud platform, Google will reverse proxy the traffic of websites to reroute them through its cloud platform instead. This helps reinforce the defenses of a website massively, making websites nearly fail-proof. In order to do so, the hacker or hacking outfit behind the DDoS attack will need to unsettle Google’s cloud platform which is a near impossibility.

The service will be available for news websites, websites offering election coverage in a time leading up to the US elections and websites run by human rights activists, all of whom are routinely targeted by political opposition groups and state-sponsored hackers.

As a part of the service Google has promised not to use any log information to serve its massive advertising platform. The data Google does collect is traffic metadata and cached content for website traffic that passes through Project Shield.  Those who sign up for the service will also have to share their website’s configuration data, including details of the origin server, domains and subdomains. All of the above will remain as a part of the account set up with Google Shield and can be deleted when a user chooses to discontinue the service.

Furthermore, websites using Project Shield will be inaccessible in countries where Google’s IP addresses are blocked, which makes for a disadvantage.

Webmasters and website owners can apply for the service here.

Images from Shutterstock and Project Shield.

Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.