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Flying Gun? Armed Drone Robbery? Amateur Weaponized Drone Built (Video)

Flying Gun? Armed Drone Robbery? Amateur Weaponized Drone Built (Video)

by P. H. MadoreJuly 17, 2015

An unidentified, unverified video has been circulating on the Internet for the past couple of days, depicting a drone firing what appears to be a Glock-style pistol four times. Most interesting about the clip is that the drone adjusts itself after the recoil of each shot, giving it time to reposition on the target.

The video does not depict the target and is only seconds long, but from it the viewer can deduce that a high level of technical prowess went into its design. For instance, a notable feature is the placement of the turbines. Most quadcopters of similar size and build have a symmetrical layout for the turbine assemblies, but this design accounts for its purpose, meaning an increased gap between the front and rear propellers. By doing this, the drone is able to recover more quickly from front-to-rear pressure, like the firing of a pistol.

In a matter of seconds, the drone fires off four shots, with a brief pause between each shot for repositioning. Clearly, the design is rudimentary in nature, but a more professional build could present a truly terrifying proposition for local authorities anywhere.

Is this what the future of armed robbery looks like, with drones floating in and demands being delivered by text message? Like and share above and comment below!

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  • Terrance

    Oh Boi! I call this bad press that should not be in the public’s eye as it gives off ideas to those with bad discerning thoughts:(

    • underbridge

      @Terrance, lol, the bad guys have already thought of it, and the good guys need to be aware that this is now a Thing, not an idea!
      Anyway, the *really* bad guys have already been using things like this for years, because they’re in the Military.

  • xyzpfl

    Still think leaving drones unregulated is a good thing?