FBI Lacks Computer Scientists

According to a recent Department of Justice report, the FBI cannot afford computer scientists. The agency’s pay standards are too far below industry standards.

The government authorized the FBI to hire 134 new computer scientists, but the agency was only able to come up with 52. A recent report shows that FBI wages don’t stack up against private industry jobs for the same level of education and skill.

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The government has been actively seeking computer science and security experts but finds that most potential employees find work in the private sector first. Now, the FBI is looking to amp up its efforts to pull in new employees. It said in a letter to the Office of the Inspector General, according to Reuters, that it would be using

aggressive and innovative recruitment and retention strategies.

As many as five of the FBI field offices that have a cyber division do not have a corresponding computer expert, a survey by the Department of Justice found. The FBI understands that many threats have moved online. The only question for them now is, will they be able to staff their cyber divisions with competent computer scientists? What happens when there aren’t enough computer people willing to work for government wages?

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