Fantom – The Next Big Thing?

Fantom (FTM) is a a Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) based smart contract platform in which the more nodes participate in the network, the greater the transactions per second. The project is aiming for 300,000 transactions per second, which would be applied to multiple industries such as food technology, financial services, telecom, logistics, etc. Fantom is designed to offer instant payments, near zero costs, and unlimited processing scalability. Like Ethereum, Fantom supports Smart Contracts but they run on the Fantom Virtual Machine vs the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Why is that important? Because the FVM will allow developers to write dApps that support smart contracts just like ethereum but run light-speed times faster.

A lot of new blockchain projects talk as if they will challenge the top blockchains and take over their spot. While this is speculation and mostly hot air spoken by many projects, Fantom has a great shot at taking off as one of the top blockchains. Andre Cronje, well respected in the ICO scene as a technical blockchain expert, was added as part of the technical team recently. Having a team and community as strong as Fantom does gives it the extra push needed to take off. While other projects are implementing directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), Fantom is the first to do this with smart contract support.

Fantom operates on a system called OPERA, which is divided into three layers:

  • OPERA CORE LAYER – processes transactions, maintains consensus across all nodes via the Lachesis Protocol
  • OPERA WARE LAYER – supports smart contracts, executes functions
  • OPERA APPLICATION LAYER – supports third-party applications, provides publicly available APIs for dApps

Partnerships with credible companies definitely help the legitimacy of an ICO and Fantom has already made numerous significant partnerships such as the Korea Food-Tech Association and Oracle that will significantly enhance their chance of success. The company, in collaboration with NEM Blockchain, has recently announced it’s expansion outside of Korea into Australia. Fantom has chosen Australia due to their innovative culture and supportive government. Fantom is committed to working with local communities and governments to utilize Fantom technology across multiple industries. They are focused on creating real-time use cases of their platform by on-boarding Australian businesses in the next twelve months. Australia has hundreds of merchants who already accept cryptocurrency including the first airport in the world to do so. Fantom has already been working behind the scenes engaging with payment providers about using Fantom token as they expand globally.

Multiple blockchain projects are claiming to be the fastest with the highest tps, but have not come through on their promises. Fantom has an excellent shot at actually accomplishing this and immediately becoming a major player surpassing those that have fallen short.

Unlike many recent ICOs, which are constantly delaying and postponing the release of their tokens due to current market conditions, Fantom is unlocking and listing on October 29th. The project recently released a recent Technical Whitepaper concerning the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm, making another version of the Technical Whitepaper detailing the Fantom Framework ready, and preparing a testnet demo video to be available soon.

With major funds invested for the long haul and markets such as the USA, China, and Korea unable to participate in the much-hyped ICO, there should be quite a bit of immediate interest and demand upon listing on exchanges. The last ICO with similar hype was QuarkChain which also did amazingly well in this market. Fantom had a hard cap of $39 MILLION at the time of ICO raise and is expected to perform well.

Diclaimer: The author has invested in Fantom.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.