Is Ex-Blink 182 Member Tom Delonge About To Expose UFOs With The President & NASA?

From their suburb of Poway, California, outside of San Diego, Blink 182 members Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus met in the early nineties to pen straight forward pop-punk anthems, eventually leading to their 1999 best-selling album, Enema of the State, which moved 15 million records worldwide.

The band’s much-publicized split this spring was a dramatic one, and ultimately led to Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker playing a Southern California show billed as “Blink 182 w/ Matt Skiba.” Hoppus, Barker and Skiba (Alkaline Trio) have since announced they will be recording new Blink 182 music in August.

As music and tabloid publications tried to get to the bottom of the public breakup of Blink 182, Delonge expressed multiple times he was passionate about other things at the current time, including his new media company To The Stars and a book and film under the moniker, Poet Anderson. He is also working on a dystopian sci-fi trilogy. As Delonge scattered last week over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, he is also working on another project.

Facebook statuses show Delonge meeting with NASA officials, as well as possibly the President, for what he describes as “An important film on something about space.” Delonge’s interest in space dates back many years, in particular with the well-known song, “Aliens Exist,” which includes the lyrics: “I know the CIA will say/what you hear is all hearsay/I wish someone would tell me what was right.”

In the first status update, Delonge discusses his coming trip to DC where he will film for his new production on space. It appears he is shopping for stock images.


In the following status, Tom shows off his temporary access card for the NASA Headquarters.


In the following post, Tom is standing awkwardly and staring straight ahead. He pens that there has been a big breakthrough for him with something he is studying. In context, it becomes clear he is talking about UFOs and alien life.

FilmBreakthroughIn the following status, Delonge claims to be sitting with the president discussing UFOs. As you can see, Delonge and a young film crew does seem to be seated in a rather stately room, however, the man evidently being interviewed does not appear to be President Barack Obama. It is unclear if the man being interviewed in the picture is indeed the President. Perhaps it is the Administrator of NASA, Charles Bolden.


In this next status, Tom is apparently entering a floor at NASA. With this post, Delonge grows more cryptic, stating he cannot tell his followers what exactly he is up to, saying “I’m still learning how to navigate the waters I have found myself involved in.” Possibly implying he has come across sensitive information he can’t simply divulge.

 Tom has apparently interviewed more than one individual for his new documentary.
It’s not only on Facebook where Tom has been active about this esoteric research. Apparently while interviewing the guy pictured in the status above, Tom was working on some sort of Policy Statement, as he tweeted:
In the following tweet Tom shows off a hint of elitism with the hashtag #StuffYouCantKnow. 
His last post has a reflective feel to it. Delonge sits before The White House, informing his followers that, if they watch his social media closely, they will be able to start piecing together his plans for the coming months and years.
Also, Tom might be doing it for the kids. 
If I had to guess, I’d say Delonge is likely filming a documentary promoting the NASA space program.
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