Ether in Bears’ Hands

Ether in Bears' Hands

Ether has been doing great over the last few days, but now it’s declining again, trading at around $646, after hitting a 6-week high at $712.43. Over the last session, Ether confirmed at least two bullish trend lines at $665 and $675, which were successfully tested and broken out today. While Ether was above $700 it had some good chances to recover, but now it is quite doubtful.

The bulls quickly gave up the support at $665 today, and now they need to push the price back to $700. This will be the only chance to hit the $712 high again.

Overall, any price above $675 will help Ether recover, while any price below will make it continue declining. $675 is actually the current resistance, while $712 is another one. $644 is the key support, with a longer term one at $574. The MACD keeps on rising and is in the positives, issuing a buy signal. The Stochastic is, on the contrary, giving a sell signal, despite also being in the positive area.

There wasn’t too much news on Ether over the last few days. Still there was some, and what is worth mentioning is the hack of MyEtherWalet, one of the most popular crypto e-wallets out there. The hackers stole 215 coins, which equals $150,000. The scheme was very simple: the thieves hacked the DNS server and then routed users to a phishing website. The issue was quickly spotted and resolved, but the mere fact the e-wallets are still so much sensitive to hacker attacks is troubling.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently published a paper where the scientists analyzed three ways of ‘killing’ Bitcoin. The first one is creating a global Fed based currency, the Fedcoin, that, with the time passing, could eliminate all other cryptos, including BTC. The Bank of Canada actually went this way some time ago, by building a crypto network based on Ethereum. The second way is creating a new crypto based on the largest social networks out there, which could enable pushing out BTC from the market, given the volumes and the number of social media users. Finally, the third way is issuing a large number of cryptos, each designed for a particular purpose. This may also greatly affect the top 10 altcoins, too.

Anyway, the crypto market is still closely watched because of the high degree of anonymity and lack of (or no) regulation.


Author: Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex



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