DragonChain (DRGN): Release the Dragons

DragonChain (DRGN) was originally developed at Disney in 2015-16 and was later released as open source. DragonChain ICO recently ended and the value has climbed considerably, even though it is still only listed on Etherdelta. The cryptocurrency allows companies to build on a server-less platform with built-in protection of data using popular languages such as Java, Python, Node, and C#.

DragonChain is building relationships with companies to help them bring their product onto the blockchain. DragonChain is a sleeping giant in that it already worked through 20 or so use cases while in development to tweak the initial implementation of the platform. While some companies struggle to find use cases after they are done with their product, DragonChain has figured out a way to simplify the integration of real business applications onto the blockchain in a secure way.

Underserved industries are the initial target of the DragonChain platform, which includes Wine, Arts, Automotive, Legal and Digital Marketing. Some of these industries are lagging behind for lack of innovation and Dragonchain is bridging the gap. DragonChain is creating a turnkey platform for startups and mature companies to rapidly deploy applications on the blockchain. As one might appreciate, blockchain development can be incredibly complex, is hard to understand and sometimes uses archaic development languages for implementation. DragonChain allows companies to use programming languages they are already familiar with to take advantage of blockchain features.

The Benefits of DRGN:

  • Smart contract integration, which has recently only been available on the Ethereum network.
  • High scalability and faster speed to market, which reduces development costs.
  • Built-in security that is inherent to blockchains.

From an investor standpoint, DragonChain is already light years ahead of a lot of ICOs that are creating platforms. It has an incubator program that will fund startups that will help real-world companies get up and running on the DragonChain platform. Unlike Ethereum, which has mainly become an ICO launch pad, DragonChain is building a platform for existing businesses to be able to build on top of the blockchain. While Ethereum is mainly a platform that is there to build on, Dragonchain is a platform with support.

The DRGN platform is focused on reaching companies just as much as they are building out the platform itself. This will accelerate platform adoption and business growth while increasing the value of DragonChain. Larger companies are approaching the blockchain with skepticism and reluctance. DragonChain can be the bridge that connects the two. It is very expensive to try and leverage blockchain technology in already existing companies. The DRGN platform attempts to solve this by putting businesses first based on past experience and offering restful interfaces, interoperability with other blockchains, ease of integration, a simplified architecture and more.

Dragons or DRGNs will be utilized by developers and organizations to interact with the DragonChain commercial platform’s products and services. Dragon tokens will also be used to support startups in the DragonFund Incubator providing early access to data and technology as well as first access to purchase tokens for use on the developed platforms.

The DragonChain ICO raised $21,358,506 USD. It has since grown to around three times that level and appears to be expanding more rapidly as time goes on. Once the DRGN token is listed on larger exchanges there will a lot great liquidity. DragonChain has a current value of approximately $60,000,000. This is low for a platform that is already so mature, was originally backed by Disney and has an incredibly capable development team.

Disclaimer: Analyst current invests in Dragonchain.

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