Dentacoin Price Spikes 12% as Bronx-Based Medical Center Accepts DCN Payments

An unexpected by-product of the cryptocurrency boom is that the word ‘first’ has become more ambiguous than one would have previously thought possible. Every whitepaper will make claims on being the first at something – how many times have we heard the phrase: ‘…and we believe this makes _____ the first truly decentralized blockchain…?’

Regardless of what happens to Dentacoin (DCN) in the future, it will always be able to lay legitimate claims on being the first cryptocurrency to have tackled the bold goal of fixing people’s teeth. Dentacoin has taken a lot of flack for its seemingly opportunistic market niche, with many labelling it as the poster-child for the worst elements of the ICO market.

But yesterday’s announcement that the East Tremont Medical Center, based out of Bronx, NY, will be accepting Dentacoin as a payment method could be a turning point for the much pilloried cryptocurrency.

Dentacoin Price Spikes 12%

From a daily low of $0.000321 DCN tokens went on a wobbly run that eventually landed it at a valuation of $0.000361. The price continues to rise at the time of writing, with growth starting to accelerate at around 17:00 UTC, but fluctuations have been witnessed all day, so don’t expect a straight road from here.

Strangely enough, DCN are just about even for the week, and almost exactly even for the month, having started the month at a price of $0.355. Daily volumes over the month have dropped as low as $15,000 – one of the lowest from a coin or token in the top one-hundred.

Today’s volumes have reached as much as $130,000 which amounts to a 550% increase versus the weekly low of $20,000.

Bronx Med Center Accepts Dentacoin

The East Tremont Medical Center plans to accept DCN for a wide range of medical services, not just dentistry. In a surprisingly refreshing act of honesty, the medical center’s Dr. Yangsook Han admitted to owning DCN tokens, and aims to lead by example in adopting the tokens as a payment method:

“It’s very important for us to stay on the cutting edge of customer care and that includes finances. We own Dentacoin and believe that its adoption will lead to a price increase that can subsidize good dental hygiene for any of its coin holders. We are proud to accept it at all of our locations.”

This partnership takes the list of Dentacoin adopters to forty-two, with dozens of dental practices around the world already on board with the Dentacoin project.

For what many assumed to be an embarrassment to the crypto world, Dentacoin is making some serious moves, and for today at least, the market seems to be taking notice.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.