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David Jones Hacked, Customers’ Information has been Leaked

David Jones Hacked, Customers’ Information has been Leaked

by Ali RazaOctober 2, 2015

David Jones, a big Australian fashion retailer, has been hacked. Some private details belonging to its customers have been compromised.

The information includes names of the customers, their email addresses, order details, mailing addresses, and other relevant details except the sensitive credit card details of the customers.

The details of David Jones online customers have been unofficially accessed. The vulnerability was discovered on the website of David Jones’ department store.

No statement has been made regarding the number of customers that have been affected, but one reassurance has been given that no credit card details were accessed.

Authority of the department store said:

David Jones takes its customers’ privacy very seriously. As soon as David Jones learnt of the unauthorised access it moved swiftly to prevent any further incident, working closely with IBM, our internet platform provider.

According to David Jones, no financial information was stored on the store’s website, and till date no incidents of misuse of accessed details have been registered.

The affected customers has been notified. If a customer has not yet received any email it means that they are unaffected.

Image from Wikimedia.

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