Dash Price Analysis: DASH Sees Change in Sentiment, with Help from KFC Adoption Announcement

  • KFC to start accepting DASH payments in Venezula, as adoption across the country continues.
  • DASH/USDT has seen a firm bounce, producing a daily hammer candlestick, indicating of a reversal on the cards.

DASH/USDT has bounced over the past three sessions, a promising change from the bearish sentiment seen. Through the month of November, which was very punishing for the whole cryptocurrency industry, Dash dropped over 65%. The price however, managing to find a bottom most recently just below $60, within the $58 territory. This was the lowest level seen since April 2017.

KFC Accepting Dash

Starting this coming week, one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant, KFC, will start accepting Dash payments in Venezuela. This is following suite of several other food outlets in the country that are already facilitating Dash as a means of payment. It is reported that KFC will initially just be rolling this out in the Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. This coming before they fully expand and allow coverage in 24 other locations within the country.

Alejandro Echeverría, who has been a large part of the Dash adoption across Venezuela, commented: “Having a globally recognized brand such as KFC accepting dash payments in Venezuela is a great achievement for cryptocurrency. Further validation of the continuing trend of Dash adoption. Not only from a user perspective, but now merchants as well.” Echeverría is the co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text.

Dash Text

This greater adoption for Dash in Venezuela follows news last month of a new service being launched known as Dash Text. This is a Venezuela-based service, which facilitates SMS-based transactions for Dash. Users can buy, store and spend Dash, without access to the internet and the requirement of a smartphone. Anyone in Venezuela with any kind of mobile phone, can participate in the ecosystem of Dash, via SMS.

Technical Review – DASH/USDT

DASH/USDT daily chart

Given the recent stabilization from the lowest levels since April 2017, it does give the DASH/USDT bulls something to capitalize on. A daily hammer candlestick did form after hitting the $58 territory. This demonstrated a strong sign of a potential reversal to come. The bulls have so far followed this through, currently running at three consecutive sessions in the green. There is still some way to go before this can be a confirmed bottom.

Upside Targets

In terms of near-term upside targets, the first challenge for the bulls will be to tackle to the most recent prior acting demand zone. Across the market on 25th November, sellers were very much exhausted, and a bounce was seen. Some thought it was the bottom, however that didn’t prove to be the case. This can be observed tracking from $81-$89; this area had supported the price from 25th November, until 4th December, before a breach was seen. This is a new barrier for the bulls now.

Looking further to the upside, there isn’t too much in the way of the bulls convincingly reclaiming the big $100 mark. Prior to the large November drop of some 65%, as detailed earlier, the price was comfortably trading sideways around the $150 territory. Should the bulls maintain current course of momentum seen and breach the $81-$89 zone. Then it wouldn’t be too surprising seeing a quick move back pre-November fall levels.

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