Dark Web Markets Are Running Black Friday Drug Sales

Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. for millions of people, which follows Thanksgiving Day, is a day that many of us can’t escape. Now, though, it appears the dark web it catching on and wants a slice of the money-making pie.

According to a report from Vocativ, those searching for a deal on drugs can get their hands on LSD tablets for $2; however, if they purchase ten of more they’ll be given top priority and the ability to refund or reship their order if things go wrong.

To provide the upmost confidence to potential customers, the vendor of this deal offered to include ten free testing strips to the first buyer who wants to send their purchase to a Barcelona-based drug-testing service known as Energy Control.

The report went on to state that the most commonly sort after drug, marijuana, is being offered with one vendor selling medical grade marijuana at $100 per ounce.

According to an AlphaBay seller they are reportedly selling the lethal painkiller fentanyl on Friday at two and a half times than the ordinary amount of the drug. US News reports that one seller says around $750 will buy 2,500 milligrams of the drug at the special rate.

However, while the vendor was keen to sell the drug, the seller didn’t want to draw attention to the business.

The merchant said:

I would rather not have attention brought on my line of business … the more attention this gets the more attention it’s given by law enforcement and the fact that people tend to not be [too] wise when using powerful drugs like fent isn’t helpful.

Even though fentanyl is legal under certain circumstances, it has left trail of victims from people using it. In April of this year, the UK-based Independent reported that musician Prince died from a fentanyl overdose.

However, despite the reputation that fentanyl has garnered people are still interested in buying the drug, and the Black Friday deals from the dark web are not helping the situation.

And yet while the AlphaBay vendor is fully aware of the risks involved in the administration of the drug, they said:

I’ll tell you this, that I won’t sell it to anyone who doesn’t demonstrate a knowledge of the potency of the drug.

How, though, does it propose achieving this?

To solve this issue, the vendor asks potential buyers to provide a ballpark figure as to how much more potent fentanyl is compared to heroin. However, that answer – around 50 times – can easily be found on the Internet.

It can be assumed, then, that many buyers will be taking advantage of the Black Friday deals to get the most for their money despite the risks involved.

Featured image from Shutterstock.