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Cryptocurrency Analysis of Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ethereum Classic

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Cryptocurrency Analysis of Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ethereum Classic


This article was posted on Wednesday, 08:10, UTC.


Litecoin is testing a 3rd arc on the 3 hour chart as we speak. This is hardly a buy signal, but if it gets through the arc, we will likely see a rally over the next week or so to ~ $25. There are 2 energy points due later in the day. It is possible that the coin will break down. But in this era of a seemingly endless supply of money flowing into cryptocoins, it is more likely it will break upwards. Watch it closely.

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This is another coin pushing through an arc pair. This is a 2nd arc pair, which is the widest of the pairs, so it could take another day or two to work it’s way through. When the next rally starts, the next arc is ~ $100. Watch this one too.

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This was a sleeper that I missed. I looked at it a week or two back and mentioned/noticed that it had quietly doubled. But I wasn’t watching it carefully, so I missed a run that doubled again.  However, we can’t catch them all, and we should not even try. The dog that tries to catch two rabbits at the same time catches neither of them.

A 5th arc was hit (yellow highlight). It is time for this coin to correct, as it has already begun. I imagine it will correct at least to the 3rd arc of the bear setup. That support is ~ $5.50


Monero has penetrated the 1st arc of a 3rd pair. This is bullish, but a buy signal will not be generated until it exits the pair with a green candle on the other side. That could be several days away, at most.

Friendly Advice

Many of you traders out there, even the newbies, have made a ton of money these past few weeks, as virtually every coin is in a bull market. My advice is do not think you are a genius. Anyone can make money in a bull market. Look at all the day-traders who made a killing in the 90s trading tech stocks. They drove BMWs right up until March 2000 when they lost their homes to foreclosure and begged for their old jobs back. If we ever start to think the only difference between ourselves and superman is a cape, we are doomed to a heartbreaking loss at some point in the not-distant future.  Bull markets come to an end eventually. Was it Warren Buffet who quipped that is at low tide that we see who has been swimming naked? Wise words, whoever said it…

Remember:  The author is a trader who is subject to all manner of error in judgment.  Do your own research, and be prepared to take full responsibility for your own trades.

Important: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Always do your own research and due diligence before placing a trade. Read our Terms & Conditions here.

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Jim Fredrickson

Jim Fredrickson

Jim has an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has had a long career in both Corporate Finance and IT. Along the way he discovered that trading was a vehicle with great promise, but struggled for a long time without a mentor. After having been knocked down many times and having struggled to get back up, he had an epiphany and realized that geometry was a solution. He shares his experience here. If you do well as a result of suggestions made here, feel free to say thank you :) BTC: 1FUq3GB1Q8zz2JpuBr7YHzVBKnaWoxgmya Follow him on Twitter (@jimfred1276) or email him at jimfred1276 at gmail.

  • user

    AUTHOR Ershad

    Posted on 8:16 am May 3, 2017.

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your article, what would you recommend and good buy price for LTC?

    Kind regards,

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 9:32 am May 3, 2017.

      I think its going to $25 on this swing. As for best entry price, I think that $15 would have been great 🙂

  • user

    AUTHOR maleshkov

    Posted on 9:07 am May 3, 2017.

    Hi Jim, please update us about Xrp coin trend as well. We will appreciate also analysis for other alt coins, who show some hidden potential. Thank you

  • user

    AUTHOR adspecialty4u

    Posted on 12:54 pm May 3, 2017.

    I took the advice of a friend and cashed out my initial investment. He was involved in the “” market and lost everything.
    So glad i listened, now i dont have to constantly OCD over hard fork, core vs. unlimted, and the other issues in the cryptocoin community.
    My profits are now working for me.
    And best of all, i’m paying off my new car next week with ETH surge.
    Btw, my car purchase two years ago was necessary for my company. Then my industry saw a severe decline and i too was living “in the bubble” before it burst.
    I am thankful for your advice with ETH. You helped me make alot of money.

  • user

    AUTHOR And

    Posted on 8:43 pm May 3, 2017.

    Thanks Jim! Are there any signals that LTC can continue to run over 25 $.

  • user

    AUTHOR eko6321

    Posted on 10:49 pm May 3, 2017.

    Hello Jim

    I am not agree about your etc chart , etc will not down to 5.50usd.

    But your ltc comment was pretty good however I can’t see it will down 15usd.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • user

    AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

    Posted on 11:30 pm May 3, 2017.

    Yes, $15 was a joke, that was the reason for the smiley face.

    • user

      AUTHOR eko6321

      Posted on 5:02 pm May 4, 2017.

      Aww Sorry it is my mistake 🙂

      Your first Ethereum Chart was amazing i am still following your first chart and so far perfect!


  • user

    AUTHOR spicyer

    Posted on 4:53 am May 4, 2017.

    Hi Jim, your friendly advice will hopefully help a few “superpersons” keep their success in perspective……I’m curious. I have btc, ltc, eth, xrp and fct all at their costs from early March and plan to hold potentially for years. Do you see fault in that?

  • user

    AUTHOR jarosatori

    Posted on 11:08 am May 4, 2017.

    Hi Jim, what do you think about today rally of Ethereum. Where it’ll stop? Btw. good job with Litecoin prediction. It was quite accurate 😉

  • user

    AUTHOR moises_benzaquen

    Posted on 6:34 pm May 4, 2017.

    Hi Jim, thank you very much for your analysis! I’ve followed some of your advices!

    1) How far can the activation of Segwit impact the value of the LTC coin? (if things go well).

    2) And for the news in ETH (they seemed to keep coming over the next weeks).

    3) By looking at most cryptocurrencies, they are all on the rise, what recommendation on splitting our investment would you give?

    I used to have 100% BTC, then -> moved 100% Ethereum -> 2/3 ETH, 1/3 LTC -> 1/3 ETH and 2/3 LTC (Current). So far, it’s been good..

    Your analyses are the reason I joined this place, thank you!

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 12:32 am May 5, 2017.

      Thank you for the kind words. Your question seems like a metter of preference to me. For me, if I am a buy-and-hold investor, putting money in 5-10 assets seems like a good idea. But if a trader, getting in and out on a regular basis, I am not smart enough to track 5-10 charts at the same time. When trading I keep everything in just 1-2 assets at a time. But that’s just me. Good luck.

  • user

    AUTHOR eegedegbe

    Posted on 2:50 pm May 5, 2017.

    Hi Jim, many thanks for your analysis. They have been so helpful to me.

    Pls l invested in monero and its beginning to rise. Hw far do you think this rise will go and whn do u advice l pull out?

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 11:26 pm May 5, 2017.

      Good job. Monero is up 50% in the last week or so. $40 seems reasonable in the not-distant future. we will see…

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