Coordinated Pump Pushes Steem Coin Price Up 25%

Steem (STEEM), one of the native currencies on the Steemit social media platform, felt a 25% pump in the early hours of Tuesday morning shortly after a bug saw the site go down temporarily.

Round about the same time a flurry of buy calls resounded around the Twitter ecosystem, urging traders to buy into STEEM in anticipation of the upcoming Hardfork 20, which is due to be implemented on September 25th.

With Hardfork 20 now a week away, it appears that a pump and dump group may be trying to draw new hands into STEEM with the intention of dumping their coins when the price hype reaches an appropriate crescendo.

Calling For Buyers

Several posts like this one appeared on Twitter in the late/early hours of last night, urging followers to accumulate STEEM:

“Accumulate $STEEM On Binance Its having HARDFORK on 25th sept price can go x2 soon !!”

The buy pattern started late last night and peaked this morning between 09:00 and 10:00 UTC. By 11:00 UTC tweets like this celebrated the price pump and the assumed gains made for the account’s followers:

“VIP members were told to buy #STEEM and hold. Btw it is 25% pure profit.”

As anyone who has used Steemit will know, whenever a large price movement takes place the platform suddenly receives its own flurry of activity, as users try to figure out where the price is going to end up. STEEM prices affect the subsequent value of Steemit profile accounts, and exchanges like this one were common on the site this morning:

Steemians, as the site’s users refer to themselves, will now be watching the run up to Hardfork 20 very closely. Hardcore users remain skeptical of today’s sudden rise in coin price, and naturally assume that pumpers are using Hardfork 20 as a trigger to make some easy money.

Steem’s 25% Price Hike

From yesterday’s low of $0.699509, STEEM rose in value to the tune of 25.9% en route to a valuation of $0.881178. That peak came at 10:00 UTC this morning, as trade volumes rose 261%, from $2.1 million yesterday to $7.6 million at the time of writing.

The above tweets suggested Binance as the hub for STEEM trades, and around 27.5% of activity has originated from there, with STEEM/BTC the most popular at 24.7% alone.

The most popular hub for STEEM trades, however, is Korea. Over 50% of the day’s movements have come from Upbit and Bithumb, where STEEM/KRW trades dominate. The STEEM price on Bithum even climbed as high as $4.27 at one point, however CoinMarketCap and other statistics aggregators have excluded this price from overall market readings.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.