Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Chrysler Following Hack

chrysler-class-action-lawsuitFiat Chrysler Automobiles is the current official name of Chrysler. Along with their supplier, Harman International, which makes the device that was hacked last month in a very public forum, a class action lawsuit has been filed in relation to weak cyber security. No matter where the lawsuit goes, legislation has also been presented to the government in response to the potential dangers of car hacking.

If a court decides that the case should be class action, there could be hundreds of thousands of people who would potentially have a claim. The companies still have some time to decide how best to deal with the situation. The court system will ultimately prescribe a punishment that fits the crime for Fiat Chrysler and Harman, both of whom have recalled and updated their products since it was revealed they were vulnerable.

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The three first drivers to sue may well not be the last. Predictable outrage as the revelation that the company released software that wasn’t fully secure could lead to a huge surge in the number of litigants in the class action case. Ultimately it could snowball into one of the largest court settlements in history, following things like asbestos.

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