My CFD Journey: Still Printing Money

Most of my funds are invested in different assets, indexes and long term schemes (including a high interest savings account). When Dow Jones fell from 26,600 to 26,000 ish I got a bit concerned over my long term investments. With the CFD strategy I’m now using, I’m able to make money both on a bearish and bullish market and I’m quick in and out so I do not have to worry that much over the money I’m making or losing. I did a few trades yesterday, including two new trades today (believe it or not, all trades made me a decent sum of money). Of all trades I’ve made the past five days, I’ve only lost twice. So right now I’m hitting at least 90% of my trades. That won’t last for long, but I’m going to keep it going for as long as I can.

26 474 USD in profit today

Wow. Just wow. My main trade today was buying Dax a few minutes after it opened at 09:00. I put a take profit at 13,230 and got an entry price at 13,217. I actually left the trade since I thought it would take some time until I either lost or won that position. But just after 20 seconds I took profit. Easiest trading day ever. If you look at the chart, I could have made a lot more money if I had a TP at 13,250 or higher, but if I had kept that trade open today, I would have reached my Stop Loss and lost the trade. As my number 5 rule explains: Never think about lost trade opportunities.

My result so far:

Order Entry Price Take Profit Stop Loss USD Bank Roll USD % Change
Start 258 064,52
Day 1 25.01.2018 Dax Buy 13268 13274 13262 6 472,52 264 537,03 2,51
Day 2 26.01.2018 Dax Sell 13342 13318 13392 7 642,84 272 179,87 5,47
Day 3 29.01.2018 Dax Buy 13331 13336 13313 12 508,39 284 688,26 10,32
Day 4 30.01.2018 Dax Buy 13226 13233 13176 6 625,94 291 314,19 12,88
Day 5 31.01.2018 Dax Buy 13217 13230 13187 26 474,06 317 788,26 23,14


My trading rules:

  1. Only risk max 2% of my bank roll per trade.
  2. Have 0 active positions during the night (first of all, I lose sleep, second; you are charged an interest fee for leaving a leveraged product overnight.)
  3. Always trade on last month’s trend including the previous day(s). If they do not correlate, I will not trade.
  4. If one position is lost, I’ll double the amount (martingale) and do a second trade. I’ll only stop doubling after 3 consecutive losses.
  5. Do not think about lost trade opportunities.
  6. Markets to trade: Dax & Dow (minimum spread).
  7. Stay updated on economic releases prior to entering a trade.
  8. Do not have emotional ties to the money. I like to call them “points”.
  9. Only enter a position when an asset is overbought or oversold shown by both RSI & Stoch at the same time.
  10. Always write down your trades and elaborate what went right or wrong.
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