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CES 2015 By the Numbers: Statistics From One of the Largest Technology Conferences in the United States

CES 2015 By the Numbers: Statistics From One of the Largest Technology Conferences in the United States

by Clay Michael GillespieJanuary 13, 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) always brings attention to the tech industry. Down the Las Vegas streets, everyone seems to be embracing technology in one form or another, from Bitcoin ATMs to self-driving cars. Inside the conference room, thousands of people are packed in visiting booths while talking devices and watching speakers present new features or gadgets. But talk is cheap; quantifying the data is where the real interest resides.

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Who Won CES 2015?

ces carAmobee Intelligence took to their computers and crunched some hard numbers, finding a slew of interesting statistics out from CES 2015. According to their research, Samsung, Sony and LG made the biggest impact at CES, but not for their presentations. In fact, they were talked about more from what they brought to display, from washing machines to wearable devices.

They also found that Samsung was the most “seen” brand online on social media due to their curved computer screens and washing machines with built-in sinks, making them this year’s winner. Samsung’s focus on the “Internet of Things” is projecting them to suggest that 90 percent of their products will be connected to the internet by 2017.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 wasn’t even on display or debuted at CES 2015, but Amobee Intelligence said they phone’s hype created interest that represented 11 percent of all Samsung awareness.

Likewise, Sony’s Xperia Z4 was rumored to be showcased at CES 2015, but was never shown. The Xperia hype accounted for 24 percent of all Sony related awareness as the event though, driving discussions the whole way through.

According to Amobee Intelligence, Sony garnered 71 percent as much CES 205 related consumption as Samsung.

Out of Nowhere, Apple Stays Relevant

It’s common knowledge that Apple never presents at CES, so when this year rolled around no one was expecting anything to come from their corner.

Still, Apple gained 9 percent as much CES 2015 awareness as Samsung simply because their products were being compared by other brands. Topics of conversation were “our smart watch is better than Apple’s” and so forth. Maybe companies should learn to keep their mouths shut if they don’t want to continue to give their competitors lip-service?

Along that same line, wearable technology in general held 54 percent more awareness than any other product on display. More than one-third of all CES 2015 awareness were smart watch products.

Cars Made a Decent Impact This Year

Audi decided to show up to CES 2015 in style this year, sending their self-driving car from San Francisco to Las Vegas. The stunt gained their brand 10 percent as much awareness as Samsung.

Mercedes-Benz gained 11 percent awareness compared to Samsung, and BMW has 46 percent awareness when compared to Mercedes-Benz. However, BMW’s attention was mostly garnered because of their iHome Charging Service for their electric cars.

Ford had 19 percent as much CES 2015 awareness as Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota had 8 percent due to their release of more than 5,600 patents around fuel cell technology in a Tesla-esque move this year.

It was a big convention for a slew of different industries, and quantifying that data is great. According to CEO Gary Shapiro, attendance surpassed the 160,000 mark of 2014, and only looks to go up in the future.

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