‘Bitcoin Will Reattain Its Former Highs’ – CoinShares Exec

CoinShares Chairman Danny Masters isn’t deterred by the recent pullback in the bitcoin price, instead believing there will be a comeback and the leading cryptocurrency will revisit its former highs in 2018. Masters was present at the Consensus 2018, which wrapped up in New York on Wednesday and which did little to prop up the bitcoin price this week. Nonetheless, he characterized it as “very exciting week,” one in which the “new financial paradigm” is being built.

The bitcoin price has taken investors on a roller coaster ride in May after closing in on the $10,000 level again only to fall to about $8,300, which is where it’s hovering at press time. Any short-term movements in the bitcoin price, however, don’t seem to phase Masters, according to an interview with CNBC.

CoinShares launched the industry’s maiden bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded products several years ago, when “cryptocurrency was really small,” as Masters explained. And while the cryptocurrency market has come a long way since then, as evidenced by some 8,000 blockchain fans who attended this week’s blockchain conference, the next phase of maturation isn’t likely to unfold until institutional capital comes off the sidelines and into cryptos, blockchain startups, etc.

Next Up: Institutional Investors

Masters offers a unique perspective, having previously spent two decades watching from JPMorgan’s global energy trading desk as the commodities markets rose a logistics business into a high-frequency trading market with derivatives and the like. He explained on CNBC that in order for the bitcoin price to rally and reattain its high, which was close to $20,000 in mid-December, several milestones must occur.

“We need to see this [cryptocurrency] structure continue to build. We need to see the custody solutions come and be provided. We need indices and we need performance measures where we can actually start to … measure our performance We need to do more mature work around the ICOs, so that post ICO we have a token life cycle. And just give investors more clarity, better expectations, more transparency,” said Masters.

As for the custody solutions, CoinShares is doing its part. CoinShares’ parent company Global Advisors Holdings just unveiled a joint venture with Japan’s Nomura to facilitate digital asset custody services for institutional investors. Developments like these on custodial services as well as strides made by the likes of Coinbase on the institutional front are what Masters described as the “bedrock of what institutions need… in order to go forward.”

For now, it remains the “very early days”, according to Masters, who reflected back to when high-frequency trading came on the scene in the commodities markets, adding, “We’re nowhere near that yet.”

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