Bitcoin SV Partners with The Honest Men? Ayr United FC Sponsored by BSV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the new shirt sponsor of Scottish football team Ayr United FC, after Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek announced a partnership with the club. Although the deal was sealed by, the club’s shirts will bear the branding of Bitcoin SV (BSV), as per Ayre’s wishes.

CoinGeek Sponsors Ayr United Football Club

As per the Reuters report on Thursday, Bitcoin SV will sponsor Ayr United for the rest of the current season, as well as the whole of the next season. Founder of CoinGeek, and well known Bitcoin SV advocate Calvin Ayre said this was part of a move to educate people about the ‘original Bitcoin’:

“There is an education underway explaining to both the media and everyday folk that BSV is, in fact, the original Bitcoin. People have heard of Bitcoin but don’t yet understand that BSV is the only blockchain following Bitcoin’s original design.”

In true Calvin Ayre style, the deal was advertised with a topless model photoshoot, with the Bitcoin SV branded shirt painted on the bodies of a male and female model. Ayre also pushed the business and retail applications of Bitcoin SV, promoting low transfer fees and scalability:

“For retailers of all levels and consumers, BSV allows fast global payments with low transaction fees. And we are educating big businesses that BSV’s blockchain will massively scale to be the world’s data ledger, and enterprises can run their applications on top of this exciting technology backbone.”

Currently priced in the low $50 range, BSV was recently removed from Binance and other exchanges. Its prospects look weaker by the day, although the coin still has some believers.

Bitcoin SV and The Honest Men

Nicknamed ‘The Honest Men’ after a line from a Robert Burns poem, Ayr United play in the second division of Scotland’s four-tier league structure. With just a handful of games remaining this season, the club is currently placed in third spot, and in line for a last-minute playoff battle to secure promotion to the Premiership.

How much this move will pay off for BSV will largely depend on whether or not Ayr win that promotion spot. In its current position in the second league, Ayr United’s shirts won’t be seen by too many people, except the 10,000 locals who flood into the club’s stadium every week.

A promotion to the Premiership would see the BSV logos appear on Scotland’s television screens. Depending on the teams participating, such matches could be viewed by between 100,000 to 500,000 fans – many of whom fall into the same demographics as cryptocurrency users.

Were ‘The Honest Men’ to find out about some of the less than honest actions of Bitcoin SV cheerleader Craig S. Wright, would that change the arrangement with CoinGeek? Or is the bubble of the cryptocurrency news cycle so small that a football club on the west coast of Scotland wouldn’t even be aware of such things?

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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