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Anonymous Targets the U.S. Banking System with Operation ‘Black October’

Anonymous Targets the U.S. Banking System with Operation ‘Black October’

by Samburaj DasSeptember 29, 2015

Anonymous has announced a peaceful revolution by calling out to people to join “Black October”, a campaign which it believes will be an “easy” way for the 99% to demonstrate their collective strength and “beat” the richest 1%.

Hacktivist group Anonymous announced a new campaign called “Black October”, days after the four-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The group is calling for ordinary masses making up for the 99% to forego credit and debit cards and use cash instead, after claiming that private banks have failed ordinary people.

A statement released on Anonymous’ website read:

US branches of Germany’s Deutsche Bank and Spain’s Banco Santander have failed US Fed stress tests, while America’s largest bank, Bank of America, is put on ‘warning.’

“How far can the ordinary people shoulder responsibility of a failed private bank?”

The ‘stress test’ mentioned in the statement is also known as the Comprehensive Capital and Analysis Review, a process undertaken as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. The test is more of an annual assessment made by the U.S. Federal Reserve to check into a bank’s position and ability to “lend to households and businesses even in times of stress,” reports Sputnik news.

The most recent annual review, along with previous reports can be found here.

This year’s review revealed that both Deutsche Bank and Banco Santander would fail in the face of ‘doomsday’ predicaments, such as falling house prices and increasing levels of unemployment.

The month-long campaign that lasts from 1 October to 31 has Anonymous inviting people to withdraw all their money from their bank accounts and using cash instead of banking cards, debit, and/or credit.

Show the Big Bankers that we don’t need their debit cards, we don’t need their credit cards, we don’t need their loans, and we don’t need them.

In their concluding statement, Anonymous pointed to Iceland wherein social protests against failing banks and an ineffective government led to the arrests of CEOs and the indictment of the Prime Minister after the fallout from the 2008 global financial crisis.

Let’s show them that we are the 99% and we can beat them. It is that easy.

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  • cash or bitcoin…

  • chopkoski

    WTF, maybe they could try a harder nut to crack…like Kunduz or thereabouts….

  • Roger Stevenson

    And what would we do after the banks fail?
    I’m reminded of rioting I observed in So Cal during Watts riot and Rodney King, the days after left them nowhere to shop or cash their Checks?
    Anarchy is not good!

    • Gogoboz

      I wonder what’s the motive for these hackers. Perhaps their gigantic CC debts from their irresponsible spending habits is haunting them, so dream of a way to eliminate it without paying back. I surprise they didn’t know Debit Card existed: spend only what you got. Isn’t that obvious these Buffons act on no good intentions with a hidden agenda that worst than the banks.

      • Ftg

        U sound stupid by a remark like that making claims like that …. first off all ur one of the typical puppets in this puppet democracy if u were in anyway intelligent u kno that these hackers or our freedom fighters against tyrannical government which is always monitoring every movement we are doing let alone going to secret meetings like the bilderburg meetings and meeting behind closed doors is any better wow so blind…. u think they care about us why do u think they keep the 99% down why do u think this confederate flag and gay marriage was important well let’s see during ur blindness they passed the tpp along with pushing fast track so before u become the real bafoon maybe u should pay more attention than being the capitalistic mental u are

        • Gogoboz

          You’re nothing but bunch of twisted minded people who live in too comfortable environment take things for granted. If you really want to change the world for better place for all, why not learn how to become a main stream politician or educator to change thing bring forward transparency? What a moron.

          • Debby Ward

            haven’t learned yet, huh? If the government doesn’t want you elected, you won’t be elected. Period. Everyone is chosen BEFORE elections.

          • ftg

            I agree glad ur not sheep keep fighting the fight

          • ftg

            First of all if u became any of those obscured ideas u mentioned and tried to change the the world or even a community u become a target of lies and injustice in this shadow government they will find ways to take u out whether credibility comes into play or not 1 vs 100 s idea…. transparency is not viable due to all the lies our own government feeds us or don’t even tell us if u were so smart u would see the truth but no ur cattle like mentality just like a deer in headlights u are and twisted not so much just see the bigger pic while u get left behind so enjoy it back there be the sheep u are and head to slaughter like the cattle u are

    • Ftg

      That’s why it’s called a revolution struggles are real ppl need to learn to pull together like when this country started not by being controlled by a shadow government an other higher ranking ppl like the bilderburg group

  • TOR

    pump it into BTC and get rich, while they fail. Thats was these bastards used to do with us

  • Martin Cataldi-Rogers

    this may sound harsh and it would be stressful but if everybody stopped paying loans and mortgages the banks would fail in one go only the money going in , can pay for the money going out – aka legal costs , especially in Court required states and cities

  • Jmarso

    I would pass thought to all business in a physical sense. There is no increased protection for those retail, small deli an market business who would receive an influx of cash in their daily take. What are they meant to do when they could be considered a potential target by those seeking a quick take. They would be receiving a potential 99% increase in their daily takings in cash (as opposed to credit).

    What would protect those innocence? I am not referring to big business here. But those mum and dad corner stores who would suffer at the hands of opportunists.

    A rally would require more than a withdrawal. It would require an overhaul of ideals.