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Analysis of Ethereum and Litecoin

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Analysis of Ethereum and Litecoin


This article was posted on Monday, 14:22, UTC.


ETH has been bumping along under the weight of a 3rd arc pair on a longer-term chart for the past few days. There is an energy point approaching. Which way will it likely break? Up or down?

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The first thing I notice is that pricetime is still below the 3rd arc, so that would be a red flag urging caution. On the other hand, price has tested that arc some 6 times now, and has not been slapped down yet. This suggests that sooner or later the arc will yield. Is that time now?

I tend to think it is likely to rally soon. One of the clues I have is the ETHXBT chart:

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Here we see two setups (we looked at this chart over the weekend). Interestingly, both setups have arcs which intersected at the present time. One of those arcs pairs is a 5th arc pair (black). Pricetime is very close to exiting both of those arcs in the next several hours (unless there is a sudden reversal to lower prices quite soon).

This chart, while not yet giving a buy signal, is very likely to give one soon, with a close above 2 arc pairs. This could mean one, or both, of two eventualities:

  1. ETH is about to rally, and/or
  2. XBT is about to fall

Readers of my weekend column will know that I am a bit bearish on XBT (short term). So possibility 2 seems reasonable to me. But the two charts together leads me to suggest ETH is likely to rally soon.


Litecoin seems poised to rally, assuming it can get past the top of the square which stopped the last advance (yellow highlight). If it does so, as I suspect, the next target will be ~ $15.63


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Jim Fredrickson

Jim Fredrickson

Jim has an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has had a long career in both Corporate Finance and IT. Along the way he discovered that trading was a vehicle with great promise, but struggled for a long time without a mentor. After having been knocked down many times and having struggled to get back up, he had an epiphany and realized that geometry was a solution. He shares his experience here. If you do well as a result of suggestions made here, feel free to say thank you :) BTC: 1FUq3GB1Q8zz2JpuBr7YHzVBKnaWoxgmya Follow him on Twitter (@jimfred1276) or email him at jimfred1276 at gmail.

  • user

    AUTHOR And

    Posted on 3:36 pm April 17, 2017.

    Thank you Jim! Do you think that at these prices (12.70) is worth to purchase additional LTC? I have already bought LTC yesterday at 11.75 (after your signal 😉

  • Thanks Jim.

  • user

    AUTHOR ialkeilani

    Posted on 7:58 pm April 17, 2017.

    Thanks Jim! Would love to see an updated analysis on ZEC and XRP.

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 11:50 pm April 18, 2017.

      XRP just keeps moving sideways, oblivious to obvious places to rise or fall. I have sold it, and will look at it again, once it makes a decision.
      ZEC is sitting at resistance now at $71. If it can get through $74 a trading opp will likely present itself.

  • user

    AUTHOR jacobss

    Posted on 3:17 am April 18, 2017.

    Thanks Jim.
    Yes me too an update on RRP as well.
    Just to hear the good news.
    What will happen when the central bank of London steps on board and when can we expect this.
    Do you have any idea.

  • user

    AUTHOR Ershad

    Posted on 12:05 pm April 18, 2017.

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your article, I wanted to ask what price are we looking for ETH to break and what is the buy signal? What price should we purchase ETH?

    Kind regards

  • user

    AUTHOR jacobss

    Posted on 3:34 am April 19, 2017.

    I meant XRP
    Hope you have some ideas about my questions above.

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 6:50 am April 19, 2017.

      Yes, I was confused about RRP 🙂 I have closed my XRP position. I will wait for some signal that the sideways stuff has ended, rather than tie up capital in an asset that is not doing anything.
      I don’t know anything about the bank of London? I read the charts, not the news 🙂

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