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Alien Life Discovered? A Huge Pyramid Rises 3 Miles Above the Surface of the Planet Ceres

Alien Life Discovered? A Huge Pyramid Rises 3 Miles Above the Surface of the Planet Ceres

by Giulio PriscoJune 24, 2015

The NASA Dawn space probe has been going around Ceres for a few months, in closer and closer orbits, and scientists are nowhere close to understanding some of the features seen in the images sent back to Earth. New puzzling features keep surfacing as higher resolution images are taken and transmitted to the baffled researchers.

Dawn was launched in 2007 to visit two little planets, Vesta and Ceres, located in the asteroid belt. After orbiting Vesta in 2011, Dawn entered Ceres orbit in March 2015, becoming the first space probe to visit a dwarf planet at close range. Ceres, with a radius of about 500 km, has a surface area of about 2 percent of the Earth, slightly larger than Argentina, and has been proposed as a possible target for colonization.

But perhaps somebody is already there.

So What Are the Bright Spots on Ceres?

Ceres Bright SotsThe bright spots on the surface of Ceres have made headlines since Dawn started approaching the dwarf planet. The brightest spot is located in the middle of a 90 km crater, but smaller spots are scattered throughout the little planet. Nobody knows what the bright spots are, but the fact that the brightness is caused by reflected sunlight has prompted scientists to speculate about deposits of highly reflective material such as ice or salt.

In May 2015, NASA held a public online poll on the possible causes for the bright spots. 30 percent of the participants indicated ice as the most likely cause, other mentioned volcanos, geysers, salt deposits, and reflective rocks, and 38 percent voted “Other.”

Of course space enthusiasts have been thinking about aliens since the first reports of the bright spots. People have claimed to have spotted giant alien motherships hovering over the planet, bat-winged spaceships parked on its surface, and even evidence of alien cities. That doesn’t shed any light on the real nature of the Ceres spots, but it does say something about our culture – we are as starved for sense of wonder as previous generation, but have became cautious and afraid to show too much imagination.

In online discussions, everyone seems to be waiting for others to say the A word first (see for example this Reddit thread). Most space scientists and experts are also space enthusiasts and, I guess, they are also thinking of aliens but don’t say it for fear of losing reputation. I have no reputation to protect so I can say it loud and clear, I hope the bright spots are an alien base, a huge alien base as big as Las Vegas.

Since there are plausible explanations for the bright spots that don’t involve aliens, I guess that our hopes will be eventually frustrated, but I will be impatiently wait for more detailed pictures. Dawn will remain in its current altitude until June 30, continuing to take images and spectra of Ceres in orbits of about three days each. It then will move into its next orbit at a lower altitude of 900 miles (1,450 kilometers), arriving in early August.

Huge “Pyramids” Discovered

Now, Dawn cameras have captured a huge pyramid shaped structure on Ceres, CNN reports. “Intriguing,” the NASA scientists said. The new image, released Sunday by NASA, was taken June 14 from a distance of about 2,700 miles. NASA describes the findings as:

In addition to the bright spots, the latest images also show a mountain with steep slopes protruding from a relatively smooth area of the dwarf planet’s surface. The structure rises about 3 miles (5 kilometers) above the surface.

ceres pyramid alien

What do you think the bright spots and the pyramid could turn out to be? Comment below.

Images from NASA and Wikimedia Commons.

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  • collins803

    This is feeding the frenzy of shameless spreading of scientific ignorance for clickbait. The ‘bright spot’ on Ceres is captured when it is facing the sun, because it is reflected light, not it’s own source of luminescence like the night photos of Vegas. When it passes to darkness, the ‘bright spots’ go entirely dark! And the images of the pyramids are deceptively not there, because if you saw it, you would see it’s a mountain with a conical base…nothing like a pyramid.

    • Giulio Prisco

      I said that the light is reflected.

      But if you look at a satellite image of Vegas by day you see a lot of reflections fitting the same overall shape.

      I also said that “Since there are plausible explanations for the bright spots that don’t
      involve aliens, I guess that our hopes will be eventually frustrated.”

      But there is nothing wrong in daydreaming with a bit of hope and sense of wonder until new evidence comes in. It keeps you alive.

      • August Feldner

        “Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.”
        -Mark Twain

        • Giulio Prisco

          Exactly. Probably there are no aliens on Ceres, but the possibility that there might be will wake up many young enthusiasts to space. They will become scientists and engineers and do great things like the kids of the 60s did.

          • 999BTC

            Maybe these kids even make it to the moon… Finally 😀

          • Giulio Prisco

            I most certainly hope so. Abandoning the Moon destroyed the enthusiasm for space of a whole generation.

  • sjs

    If there are aliens I have a job for them ….. fix the f…ing Greek problem. I’m in desperate need of some fresh headlines. 🙁

    • Giulio Prisco

      EASY! Let Greece leave the EU and say goodbye to the IMF, join the Galactic Confederation and borrow bitcoin from the First Betelgeuse CryptoBank!

  • 999BTC


  • gpenglase

    Really? Let’s call Zaphod and see if he’s been building anything lately? He, or the Vargans, are surely to be behind the “pyramids”. Coz that’s about as likely as any of this is. It really must have been a slow news day.