AirToken (AIR) – Extremely Undervalued Long-Term Investment

I have the opportunity to research many altcoins on a daily basis. While reading through altcoin websites and whitepapers, it sometimes gets overwhelming. The reason is that a lot of altcoins are doing amazing things with their technology, but it is hard to understand what exactly they are trying to accomplish and how the token integrates with their product.

AirToken has been a breath of fresh air. I am always looking for companies that are solving a real need and utilizing their token in a way that is integral to the ecosystem of the company, and not just an afterthought to raise money.

AirToken, which was founded by a former Google employee, provides mobile access to the underserved. It is based on the assumption that the cost of mobile data and internet access is too high for some to afford. So, how does it work?

Users earn free AirTokens by using the AirFox browser. AirTokens are earned and redeemed for data on pre-paid plans. Reaching those that are currently using pre-paid plans will lower their cost with redeemable tokens. A user simply watches advertisements from the free Android app as well as the AirFox browser. The user earns free AIR tokens and will be eligible for micro-loans based on the proprietary AirToken scoring system.

Let’s look at the current state of AirToken:

Following the AirToken ICO, you can see that it had a couple of spikes but has since leveled out. The current price of AirToken will change very quickly after a couple of things happen. First, AirToken will need to get listed on a major exchange, and this will immediately increase liquidity and volume. From what I understand, this is supposed to happen as soon as next month. Second, AirToken releases Phase 2, which allows users to recharge their pre-paid mobile cards as well as obtain physical goods by redeeming AirTokens (AIR). Hitting this milestone in the first quarter of 2018 will accelerate growth by attracting more companies to participate in the AirToken advertising and micro-loan program.

Companies like AirToken that are solving real-world problems are pioneers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. A lot of the altcoins will come and go. Some will never deliver a product, while others will just take the ICO cash and run. I believe AirToken is here for the long-term. AirToken is easy to understand and is helping a large part of the population that may otherwise be forgotten. When I  look for altcoins to invest in, the most important financial factor for me is the market cap. You can see that the market cap is currently only $5.5 million putting AirToken in 305th among the list of other tokens at the time of this writing. In my professional opinion, once AirToken hits its first major exchange, the market cap will easily rise to $20 million, a 4x ROI (Return on Investment). While I believe AirToken will rise much higher in the long-term, this is a conservative, realistic view of the short-term growth of this token.

Disclaimer: The analyst does not currently own AIR tokens but after researching may put some cash in for a long-term hold.

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