Hacked Targeted by DDoS Extortionists; We’re Offering a Bounty

Update: Please send your material and findings, if any, to crypto@cryptocoinsnews.com

Hacked and sister-site CryptoCoinsNews (CCN) were the targets of a DDoS attack by extortionists demanding a bitcoin payment as ransom.

Early this morning (UTC), Hacked.com was the subject of a DDoS-based cyberattack designed to shut down the website in exchange for a payment of 2 bitcoins (approx. $648 USD).

An email came in from one of the extortionists who went by the name ‘Jon’ and carried the threat of contacting our advertisers to let them know the websites are down, if the payment wasn’t made within the hour.

To resolve the situation quickly, all we had to do was turn up our DDoS mitigation protection and both websites were  back online.

In the email, ‘Jon’ said:

[Pay us now] or we will keep attacking your website, we have only used 20% of the machines we have enslaved by our Trojan

If you don’t pay us those 2 BTC today, you will have to pay 3 BTC tomorrow.

Presumably, the infected ‘machines’ being referred to are a part of a malicious botnet used for similar cybercriminal activity.

The bitcoin address mentioned in the email is:


The email in its entirety can be seen in the screenshot below:

DDoS attack1

Additional details from the email include:

Received: from mout.gmx.com ([]:49517)

                (Exim 4.86)

                (envelope-from <jonoliva@mail.com>)

                id 1a0jKs-00029h-BY

                for X; Mon, 23 Nov 2015 00:06:42 -0500

Received: from [] by 3capp-mailcom-lxa08.server.lan (via HTTP);

 Mon, 23 Nov 2015 06:06:04 +0100

MIME-Version: 1.0

Message-ID: <trinity-8fc94d33-e89c-4034-8075-4aab03ef0c8f-1448255163969@3capp-mailcom-lxa08>

From: “Peter Evans” <jonoliva@mail.com>

Bitcoin, Taken Advantage of by Cyber Criminals

Since Bitcoin is a decentralized ‘digital’ currency without the need for a banking or regulatory authority, cross-border payments are easily done using bitcoin. While the cryptocurrency undoubtedly represents a breakthrough in financial technology, it has also helped anonymous cybercriminals who seek ransom demands in bitcoin while possibly operating from a different continent entirely.

Hacked has previously reported on multiple incidents wherein cybercriminals chose to use Bitcoin for their misdeeds.

The infamous CryptoWall ransomware predictably seeks ransom payments in Bitcoin with one report estimating that the authors behind the malware have raked in over $300 million in bitcoin.

It is entirely likely that cable giant Comcast recently paid a bitcoin ransom in exchange for a darknet listing that hawked nearly 600,000 customers’ details.

Even Linux-powered websites were the targets of a ransomware called Linux.Encoder.1, with one victim detailing how the attack was carried out.

A Bitcoin Bounty from Hacked

If you can help us identify the extortionists in a way that leads to a successful police report, you will receive five bitcoins (approx. $1620 in current rates), with our appreciation. Hacked logo

We would need the following details:

  1. ID(s) of the extortionists
  2. Location (address)
  3. Similar attacks on other sites/companies
  4. Other relevant information

Send your material to crypto@cryptocoinsnews.com

Although the disruption lasted a few hours, both Hacked and CCN are back online and bolstered with increased security measures to block DDoS disruptions.

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Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.
  • hello i can get for you the IP and geo location without problem (and maybe some more info),but you wont find the ID from them since only government and similar can have this info and this would cost lot of your 1600 dollars bounty …(i dont know any gov agency that would provide this for money ..but then u can ask FBI to do the job)

    let me know

  • I love the fact that you are offering a bounty to counter attack. How about going after the criminals in the HYIP industry who create hundreds of ponzi schemes and steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from common folks who cannot afford it every single day. I would LOVE to see Anonymous go after THEM like they are going after ISIS. It is time for the legitimate bitcoin using community to self police and put these fucking thieves out of business for once and for all! ….can you say “Maxizzy”, “Pokeradv”, “IS-Leader”, “Feon Pay”, “CryptoSynergy”, (to name a few of the most recent) and just about every single HYIP Monitor in existence?

  • I think it’s time to have international cyber crime law enforcers without border with full arrest warrant to nails these bastards. Also, world govt should also license private security firms that specialize on this area that allow to use a hammer to smash all their equipments and break their arms when found before handing them to local authority.
    If the thieves are extremists or terrorists, just put them out their misery after squeeze out all their financial links and contacts with whatever means.

  • email originated from valid sender jonoliva@mail.com but using VPN that is located in Romania & registered in china (hong kong). For bigger bounty, people would have tried to get VPN logs for actual IP or something more. For now, good luck finding person 🙂

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