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December 4, 2015

Target And Home Depot Agree To Settle Claims From Data Breaches

Target Corp. and Home Depot Inc. have both agreed to settle claims for losses caused by data breaches that compromised customers’ personal information.

Target agreed to pay $34.9 million to end claims by credit unions and banks that lost funds on account of Target’s 2013 data breach, according to Reuters. A settlement filed on Wednesday resolves lenders’ claims to hold the retailer responsible for the cost of reimbursing fraudulent charges and issuing new payment cards.

Target reported that at least 40 million credit cards were at risk on account of the breach and that as many as 110 million people could have lost personal data like phone numbers and email addresses. On [...]

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December 13, 2014

Visa and Mastercard Sued for Part in WikiLeaks Bank Blockade

American attorneys for the Icelandic hosting provider used by WikiLeaks, DataCell, have filed a suit against credit card giants MasterCard and Visa in United States District Court. The suit claims that Visa and Mastercard participated in a coordinated attempt to cut off funding to WikiLeaks. Visa and Mastercard’s combined monopoly on the international payments card network at the time was very effective in hurting WikiLeaks; however, the deliberate attack only fueled the fire. DataCell is being represented by US law firm Harvey and Binnall.

WikiLeaks Bank Blockade Retribution

At the time, WikiLeaks was leaking a set of State Department cables between the US State [...]

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