Macs Are Suddenly Looking More Vulnerable After Hackers Target Apple


The Mac computers by Apple have commonly been seen as immune to viruses. That view is quickly becoming outdated. Hackers have penetrated several Macbook computers with new malware that bypasses Apple’s security. Considering the other recent malware campaign that infected over 30,000 Macs and Apple itself was targeted with ransomware, the tech giant is suddenly … Read more

Nearly 30,000 Apple MacBooks Are Hacked in Expansive Malware Campaign

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There’s a common misconception out there that Macs can’t be hacked or that they’re immune to viruses. A massive malware campaign has just proven otherwise. Nearly 30,000 Macs Found Hacked With Malware According to Ars Technica, malware previously undetected has been found on nearly 30,000 Macs across the globe. Known as “Silver Sparrow,” this malware … Read more

How to Secure your Apple Account

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Your Apple account, or Apple ID, is essential when accessing Apple’s various devices and services. With so many devices relying on an Apple Account, how can you be sure your account is safe? Below are the steps you need to take to protect yourself from hackers and scammers. How to Secure your Apple AccountWatch this … Read more

How to Recover a Hacked Apple Account

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Apple covers everything from music subscriptions, streaming, payments, and more. It’s necessary to have an Apple account to properly use most of the company’s hardware and software. Losing access to your Apple ID can become expensive if scammers exploit it. So what would you do if someone hacked into and stole your account? Below are … Read more