How AI Will Cause Havoc with TAIA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be damaging to businesses and countries. Not because they pose an immediate threat as an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which is a different story altogether, but because of the vast possibilities to fool an audience. Within a few years, we will not be able to tell the difference between what has … Read more

The Importance of Being a Security & AI-Aware Employee, a leader in cybersecurity, now offers a unique opportunity for individuals to become certified as a “Security & AI-Aware Employee.” This certification is more than just a credential; it’s a testament to your commitment to digital safety and security. Why Become a Security & AI-Aware Employee? Job Market Advantage: In an era where cyber … Read more

Artificial General Intelligence is Upon Us, and it’s Time to Prepare

Sam Altman, the past and current CEO of OpenAI, might have hidden results about a secret project named Q* (Q-star) for the previous board. As noted by The Information: OpenAI Made an AI Breakthrough Before Altman Firing, Stoking Excitement and Concern Source. This seems to be one of the likely reasons why the board fired … Read more

How to Enable Automatic App Updates on iPhone

This video teaches you how to enable automatic app updates on your iPhone. This has saved me a lot of time and has increased my phone security. Multiple apps tend to send out critical security patches once they are discovered, but it’s hard to be quick enough to install those updates yourself. If you don’t … Read more

How to Check if Your Phone is Hacked

Do you think your phone has been hacked? Look for signs of a hacked iPhone or Android like those listed below. Signs of a compromised smartphone What should you do if you think your phone is hacked? Preventative Strategies: Staying Ahead of Hackers Proactive measures are your best defense against malware and hackers. Regular updates, … Read more

How to File a Consumer or Privacy Complaint in Your Country

Navigating the complexities of consumer rights, data protection, and privacy issues is hard, especially when trying to recover control of personal or business-related information online. This guide provides a comprehensive list of resources for filing consumer or privacy complaints in various countries. These entities are instrumental in upholding consumer rights and addressing privacy concerns. And … Read more

California’s Attorney General No Longer Aids in Recovering Hacked Facebook Accounts

Since we discovered in 2021 that California’s Attorney General Consumer Complaint form could help individuals and businesses escalate issues related to hacked Facebook and Instagram accounts to Meta Inc., the usage of the form has grown significantly. This method has seen success in the past, providing a glimmer of hope for those locked out of … Read more

How to Report a Hacker & Contact Relevant Authorities

Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, posing significant threats to individuals and organizations. Fortunately, avenues are available to report these malicious activities and protect oneself from further harm. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to report a hacker, where to file police reports or legal reports, and the importance of being … Read more

How to recover your hacked Facebook account

recover a hacked facebook profile

Losing access to your Facebook account is a traumatic experience. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on how you can recover your hacked Facebook account with updated details for 2023. We are professional security experts who assist individuals like yourself in recovering lost online accounts. We can’t share all Facebook eventualities in this article, … Read more

Recover Your Hacked Instagram Account

Hacked instagram image

Has your Instagram account been hacked? Or have you lost access to your account? We have gathered the most essential steps that you can take to recover and secure your Instagram account. Please stay calm and don’t exaggerate recovery attempts as it might limit your options. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recovering a Hacked Instagram … Read more

Been hacked?

facebook smiley

You might have noticed that your password has changed or that you have received suspicious login alert emails from the online services you are using. If you are locked out of your online account, like your Facebook account, and cannot recover it, you could be hacked. Learn the immediate steps you must take if your … Read more

Recovering a Hacked account

A hacked account can lead to unforeseen consequences, including identity theft, financial loss, and damage to personal and professional relationships. Knowing how to react is crucial if you suspect your account has been hacked. In this tutorial, we’ll outline the steps to take if you’re unsure whether you can recover your hacked account. Step 1: … Read more

Read this before you hire a hacker

When you fall victim to a hack, your initial reaction may be to panic and seek immediate assistance. Unfortunately, this makes you an easy target for scammers posing as hackers ready to exploit your desperation. This comprehensive guide discusses the dangers of hiring hackers, the red flags to watch out for, and the smart, responsible … Read more

How to Recover a Facebook Business Page

Have you lost your Facebook Business Page or Business Manager to a hacker or disgruntled employee? We understand that losing your page can be frustrating and stressful. The good news is that there are ways to recover it. Below are some examples that may help get your Facebook page back. Hacked Facebook Account, where it … Read more

How to Remove Revenge Porn

lady looking down sad black and white

Revenge pornography, also known as non-consensual pornography, is a growing problem. It refers to the unauthorized sharing of sexually explicit or intimate images or videos of an individual, often intended to cause harm or distress to the person depicted. Ex-partners commonly carry out this type of behavior following a break-up or act of infidelity. However, … Read more

How to Check if You’ve Been Hacked

hacked in text on a computer

Everything from social media accounts to email addresses can be attacked anytime. Old accounts can put your new accounts at risk, so how can you tell if your accounts or passwords have been hacked? 7 Telltale Signs You’ve Been Hacked In the age of digital connectivity, ensuring the security of our personal and professional data … Read more

How to stop impersonation

It’s difficult to stop the risk of being impersonated online; however, there are multiple steps you can take to be better protected than your peers. When we at discuss impersonation, we mainly consider online impersonation and the creation of fake social media profiles impersonating executives, business professionals, celebrities, or influencers. Why do scammers impersonate? … Read more

Top 10 Reputation Management Firms for 2024

Online reputation management (ORM) has become paramount for businesses and professionals. Negative reviews or news articles can damage a brand’s image. Reputation management firms have emerged to help businesses and professionals to help improve their online reputation. These firms specialize in monitoring, building, and restoring online reputations. Below, we highlight ten reputation management companies, in … Read more

Fake Profile Hunter: Stop Impersonation & Remove Fake Profiles

Our high-value clients have asked us for a specific service that helps combat fake profiles of themselves on social media. We have removed hundreds of profiles impersonating our clients on a per-request basis; however, that’s not enough. With AI and fake image creation by impersonators using Midjourney, Dall-3, or Stable Diffusion, it’s becoming way too … Read more