U.S. SEC’s Review of Bitcoin ETF Applications Shows Progress

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is asking for more comments surrounding a rule change that would deliver the first bitcoin ETF to the market. The Wall Street watchdog filed several amendments today inviting comments either in support or opposition of several crypto trading products, including the GraniteShares bitcoin futures ETF, which the agency rejected in August to the dismay of the crypto community, particularly since this ETF is for bitcoin futures and not the underlying asset.

On the heels of that rejection and several others, including the regulator’s disapproval of the Winklevoss bitcoin ETF, the SEC decided to “stay” its orders in favor of a “Commission review.” SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, who supports a bitcoin ETF, previously explained that the SEC Commission would review the “staff orders”, which is the process that is currently unfolding.

If approved, the ETF would trade on the CBOE, which is the exchange that filed the application for the rule change to green-light the bitcoin product. The SEC will accept comments on the GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF, either for or against, through Oct. 26 at which time it’s reportedly expected to make its decision. In addition to the bitcoin futures ETF, the CBOE also wants to list the GraniteShares Short Bitcoin ETF.

Other Bitcoin Products

In addition to the GraniteShares product, the SEC is also reviewing other rule-change applications, including NYSE Arca, which is pursuing a handful of Direxion bitcoin products. One of the SEC amendments was for the ProShares Bitcoin ETF and the ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF also on NYSE Arca.

The regulator has similarly opened the floor to comments either in support or opposition of these products through Oct. 26. As a result, it appears possible that the SEC could make another announcement on that date. The bitcoin price is little changed on the development, up 1.3% to $6,581 on volume of less than $4 billion.

Wall Street Veterans

In recent days, Bitwise Asset Management, which is behind a crypto index fund, tapped Wall Street veteran Ric Edelman as an advisor. Edelman Financial Services oversees $22.3 billion for clients.

“I am convinced that the industry will meet the SEC’s requirements and resolve the SEC’s concerns. When that happens, you’ll see a bitcoin ETF,” Edelman told CNBC, adding that it could be in two months or two years.

Meanwhile, bitcoin bull Michael Novogratz, who runs Galaxy Digital, recently pared back his BTC price prediction for this year to below $9,000 though he expects the bull-run to show up in early 2019.

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