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August 17, 2015

Video Tutorial: Use Python + Wget to Download Tons of Files in Seconds

You never know when you’ll want to grab a lot of files at once or how much time you’ll have to do it. You may only have a window of 5 minutes before the connection will be closed on you and these files may never be accessible again.

In this tutorial, I go over how to run a basic Python script (included here, more information here) for the purpose of downloading the entire archive of a mailing list.

See also: How to Encrypt & Decrypt Any File On Your System (Video Tutorial)

You could take the same concepts used in the Python script and utilize them to do more advanced forms of file-getting. If you did not have direct [...]

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August 11, 2015

Quick How-To: Hack Bios Passwords on your Computer

Whether you forget your password or the used laptop you bought online shipped with a locked BIOS, hacking the password is easy enough. If physical access is unlimited, the process is similar to replacing a watch battery. If taking apart your machine is outside your comfort zone or otherwise infeasible there is a software option.

Most laptop vendors store a checksum of your password in the machine’s FlashROM – a chip that resides on your computer’s motherboard. When an incorrect password is entered three times a ‘System Disabled” message with what appears to be an error code. This counterfeit error code is actually a salted checksum of the BIOS [...]

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