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September 13, 2016


Malware is a broad category which encompasses any software which may act contrary to the user’s demands. For this reason, various subcategories, including scamware and ransomware have been created over the years to more precisely define malware. Some viruses can be considered malware, if they were downloaded with some other stated intention.

Malware is short malicious software, and it is the malicious nature of it that defines it. Buggy software cannot rightly be considered malware, even if it has negative impacts on the user, because the creator did not intend for these problems to befall the user.


Malware can often be detected by anti-virus programs, [...]

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January 26, 2016

Report: Cybercriminals Are Cooking up Malware in Record Numbers

2015 was a record year for the number of malware samples, a total that stands at 84 million new samples from 2014. That’s already 9 million more new malware strains than 2014.

Researchers from Panda Security have released figures to claim a total of 84 million new malware samples that were detected and disabled in 2015.

A press release by the Spanish security company revealed the startling number to be nine million new samples more than the previous year – 2014. Essentially, that’s 230,000 new malware samples produced every single day on average throughout 2015.

2015 also saw another record notched up wherein 27 percent of all malware samples – ever recorded – [...]

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January 25, 2016

Backdoors Affect Bitcoin ATMs and ATMs Alike

The Bitcoin ATM, as a relatively new industry, has perhaps not been put to the test like Bitcoin exchanges. This has some criminals worrying if Bitcoin ATMs could be a good place to steal value. 

Criminals all over the world already target regular ATMs, so, perhaps thinking that the amateur-nature of Bitcoin could make such ATMs susceptible, bugs and malware have been designed for a Bitcoin ATM.

Russian security firm malware researchers at a Russian security firm identified a new Trojan designed for Linux devices which takes screenshots and logs keystrokes.

Researchers at the security firm Dr Web suggests that the Linux spyware (labeled Linux.BackDoor.Xunpes.1) [...]

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December 28, 2015

UConn Website Compromise Plugs Malware Download Prompt

The University of Connecticut’s website was the target of a cyberattack on Sunday, prompting visitors with a dialog box to download a malicious program pretending to be an updated version of Adobe’s Flash Player.

The official website of the University of Connecticut was the subject of a compromise late Sunday, according to the University’s newspaper, the Daily Campus.

While technical staff claim to have resolved the issue, visitors continued to experience the malware-laced dialog box for “some time”. In an emailed statement to the newspaper, UConn deputy spokesman Tom Breen also stated that it is yet unclear as to how long the problem will linger, noting that “the [...]

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