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November 9, 2015

Meet Google’s New Open Source Machine Learning Tool, TensorFlow

Machine learning is the nerdiest side of artificial intelligence. It’s the part you don’t see as much in the science fiction movies or read about as much in the tech press.

However, machine learning is critical to the actual development of artificial intelligence, and it has been increasingly used in large scale projects in recent years. Most notably, machine learning is used in products like Google Photos, where its implementation centers largely around the identification of objects.

But now Google is making machine learning much easier to grasp for the wider geek community who may be interested. Google’s new offering, TensorFlow, can scale from a [...]

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January 13, 2015

Robot Learns to Cook by Watching YouTube

Well, sort of. What happened is that a robot learned how to use kitchen tools by watching videos on YouTube. But imagine a future version of the robot that doesn’t need any help figuring out how to make the perfect omelet, because it learned all the necessary steps by watching YouTube. It might sound like science fiction, but a team at the University of Maryland has just made a significant breakthrough that will bring this scenario one step closer to reality.

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