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October 5, 2015

TPP, TTIP, & TISA: Secret Trade Negotiations Threaten Government Sovereignty and Individual Rights

Free speech, including the right to protest, can no longer be taken for granted. According to a newly-released WikiLeaks video (below), multinational corporations have already successfully sued governments on the basis of corporate profits being affected by certain laws. And as the international trade negotiations continue in secret, this corporate power will expand and exert greater control over governments and citizens. These were among one of the bomb shells of the WikiLeaks video detailing international trade negotiations that most citizens are not aware of.

WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization, has made headlines for information it has made public since 2010.

The [...]

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October 2, 2015

Linux.Wifatch: Vigilante Hacker Infects Routers with Malware to Fight Bad Malware

A newly discovered malware, called Linux.Wifatch by security firm Symantec, has been found to compromise at least 10,000 Linux-routers. Unlike other malware, however, Wifatch protects the router from other infections, protecting victims instead.

Security giant Symantec has discovered a new vigilante malware that behaves like most other malware by infecting a vulnerable device, remaining undetected while operating and actively updating itself over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

The malware dubbed Linux.Wifatch comes with a strikingly different set of capabilities. Instead of harming the compromised router and the computers on its network, Wifatch secures it by [...]

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July 1, 2015

Three of World’s Largest Polluters Agree to New Climate Change Measures

Three of the leading contributors to pollution, the United States, Brazil, and China, announced this week that they were making meaningful progress toward an agreement to be reached in Paris later this year.

Together, China and the United States make up a substantial portion of the world’s population. Brazil’s booming economy means that it, too, will be in the ranks of leading polluters one day in the visible future.

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Talking Numbers

China has the most ambitious plan of the three, aiming to reduce carbon density levels (the level of carbon emitted per capita) by up [...]

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