How to Secure your Amazon Account

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Your Amazon account enabled you to enjoy a range of services and websites. How do you secure your account against intrusion from hackers and scammers? Follow this guide to keep your account safe. Activate 2FA Two-factor authentication is your account’s first line of defense against intrusion. You should always ensure your online account has 2FA … Read more

How To Recover a Hacked Amazon Account


Many people rely on the services Amazon provides, from video streaming to e-commerce. What should you do if you lose access to these services? Below is a guide on what to do if you can’t access your Amazon account. 1. Act Immediately Your first step should be to act straight away. As soon as you … Read more

Victim of Amazon Brushing Scam? Here’s What to Do

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Amazon is the United State’s largest online shopping location with thousands of different items and services. Amazon has become the target of various scams over the years. One of the most insidious scams is known as the Amazon Brushing Scam. How can you learn to recognize this scam, and what should you do if you … Read more