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Synack States That Tracking Systems Of High-Tier Satellite Is Vulnerable To Hacking

Synack States That Tracking Systems Of High-Tier Satellite Is Vulnerable To Hacking

by Ali RazaAugust 3, 2015

There is a possibility that hackers will attempt to break into information systems through systems for satellite tracking. The details will be discussed in a hacking prevention conference which is coming up soon.

Synack Security Company said sensitive information could be intercepted by hackers due to satellite communication networks vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it is possible to intercept and decode trackers for high-security assets and banking money transports on the GlobalStar network which is used by banks with the aid of special equipment.

Hackers would thus be able to get sensitive information on the whereabouts of a particularly valuable transport. This sensitive information could include the whereabouts of nuclear transports or armored trucks used for conveying money. To make it worse, it is possible for the hackers to edit the information on this satellite system. They could thus inform the control room that a transport that has been hi-jacked is still on course with no issues. This would result in the hackers and their accomplices being long gone before any hint about the attack is received from the system.

nuclear transport

Hackers could gain access to nuclear transport routes.

This might look like a James Bond movie stunt, but in the real sense, it is possible. Though it is very difficult to achieve such a feat as you would need equipment that are very expensive as well as a skilled team on the ground that would be able to successfully rob the transport. This is recognizing the fact that such transports are always guarded heavily and would take a lot of preparation, effort, expensive equipment, and skills to carry out. The case of the robbery of the I-95 gold transport is an example of this scenario.

The security flaws in the tracking systems could be used by hackers for malicious pranks. The hackers could also give false information through the system as well as false alarms. The false alarms could be used to divert the attention of the security personnel to a wrong area so that they have less security to battle with during the execution of their plan.

There are a lot of other sensitive information and mischief hackers can cause from access to high tier satellite trackers. Apart from using satellite tracking for transports, they could be used for engineering project monitoring. Access to an oil rig system by a hacker would give him the ability to damage the rig.

The manager in charge of special activities in Synack by the name Colby Moore stated that they have informed GlobalStar about the flaw. He further stated that GlobalStar gave them a listening ear regarding the issue. They are however yet to map out a workable solution on covering the vulnerability of the tracking system. Colby Moore believes that more attention would be given to high tier security for satellites, after they bring it up in their conference next week.

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