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The Story of the Week: The Schiller P/E Hits 30

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The Story of the Week: The Schiller P/E Hits 30


This article was posted on Saturday, 18:33, UTC.

Party Like It’s 1929 (or 1999)   Long-Term Chart Shiller P/E Ratio of US Stocks The Cyclically Adjusted P/E ratio (CAPE) is one of the most reliable valuation metrics out there.  It was designed by Robert Shiller, writer of the must-read book Irrational Exuberance, hence it is also called the Shiller P/E. The Shiller P/E It is widely used to judge the overall valuation “environment” of a stock market, with a great track record. It’s based on the traditional Price/Earnings ratio, but instead of one year’s earnings, it is calculated by using the 10-year average of earnings. This metric has…

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