Privatoria Ensures Privacy for Web Users, Preventing Identity Tracking and Hacking

With Internet privacy increasingly under attack, web users have to consider ways to ensure they won’t fall victim to a breach or have their online activity exposed to unwanted external parties.



A subscription-based Internet privacy service called Privatoria provides web traffic encryption services to protect everyday web users from the growing threats of malware and spyware. Privatoria’s bundle of services also prevents websites from tracking web surfers’ activities and ensures users their online communication remains anonymous.

Privacy has become a greater concern to all Internet users as hackers continue to breach Internet activity, malware capabilities increase, and many popular websites gather visitors’ private information for marketing purposes.

Privatoria protects customers’ privacy when using the Internet. It does not ask customers for personally identifiable information, and it does not keep user activity logs, including browsing, download history or other traffic logs.

Specific services include Secure VPN, VPN plus TOR, Anonymous Proxy, Web Proxy Tor, Secure DNS and Anonymous E-mail. These services are available through web interface.


VPN encrypts the Internet connection, protecting the user from hacking, ISP throttling and information tracking. Users can hide their IP address and encrypt their identity, protecting themselves from identity theft.

VPN enables the user to change their virtual location at any time. The service also unblocks some restricted websites and speeds up Internet connections.


Web users no longer have to decide between VPN and Tor, thanks to Privatoria’s VPN Tor service. This service doubles security due to two channels simultaneously employed. The service is easy to use, and it performs well with all browsers and operating systems.

Web surfing through Tor typically requires users to download and install a Tor browser and adjust settings. VPN Tor, however, removes this requirement.

Because Tor nodes are not working all the time, Privatoria checks chains in real time and only provides access to known working Tor nodes.


Proxy allows users to change their IP and surf anonymously. The IP hider solution uses proxy technology that prevents websites, message services and other IP communication services from recognizing the web user’s real IP address. The user’s real IP address, geographic location and browser version remain unknown.

When a user faces access restrictions due to their geographic location, or restrictions with public entities, Privatoria helps by hiding the user’s IP and enabling anonymous surfing.

Anonymous Proxy allows users to protect personal passwords, bank account and credit card information. It also makes a good proxy solution for Facebook, Youtube and any favorite sites.

Privatoria implemented a plugin for users’ convenience that allows them to change an IP address in one click, without additional multi-tier installations and registration procedures.

Anonymous E-mail

Anonymous E-mail provides users secure email encryption that prevents external access to their messages and files. It allows users to change their IP to send anonymous emails that are protected from being tracked.

Additionally, users can encrypt their emails using a PGP feature, bringing their email security to the highest level.

Users create a mailbox and access it through a web interface; there is no additional installation or special expertise needed.

Proxy Tor

Proxy Tor allows users to use Tor without the Tor browser. Users can surf Deep Web websites and unblock any site.

Free Trial Options

Privatoria provides one hour of free use to interested customers. There is also a 7-day free trial service available. Under the 7-day trial, the customer is not charged if they cancel before the end of seven days.

To try the service, customers create an account on the Privatoria website. They receive an automatically-generated password PDF which they can change at any time.

Customers can pay for Privatoria with bitcoin, credit card, debit card and PayPal.

By paying with bitcoin, users can remain anonymous when purchasing a subscription.

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Easy To Use

The website offers a user-friendly control panel, ongoing customer support, and a variety of subscription plans.

Privatoria’s free Android app includes Anonymous E-mail, Secure VPN and Secure Chat.

The service requires users to use strong passwords. It gives guidance on creating secure passwords.

Passwords can be reset at any time.

Privatoria’s services are available on five different devices simultaneously.

There are 20 servers worldwide, with more being added.

Customer support is available seven days a week. The online chat is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+1.

There is also an affiliate program starting from 40% per each generated sale with no country restrictions.

The website is regularly updated with information about web privacy and security. A recent blog entry explores how the message service Whatsapp shares data with its parent company, Facebook.

Privatoria uses the following web technologies: Web RTC, SSL, AES, PGP, SHA-2, RSA and TLS.

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