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Pokémon Go DDoS Attackers Threaten Wipeout on August 1

Pokémon Go DDoS Attackers Threaten Wipeout on August 1

by Samburaj DasJuly 20, 2016

 The group who goes by the name Poodlecorp (yes, really) has threatened to take down Pokémon Go servers with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on August 1st. If achieved, the attack is certain to rile up gamers who are already inundating its servers due to the game’s sheer popularity.

Poodlecorp, the DDoS group tthat previously claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack that affected Pokémon Go servers on Saturday had threatened to bombard the game’s flimsy servers again, hinting at a larger attack at the time.

The group’s supposed leader released a now-deleted tweet that was pinned and publicized by the DDoS group on its Twitter account.  It read:

“Just was a lil test, we do something on a larger scale soon,” implying a far larger attack that will target Pokémon Go servers.

In a private Twitter conversation with publication, that “larger scale” attack is coming on August 1, according to group leader @xotehpoodle.

We take the servers offline because it is popular right now and nobody can stop us. We do it because we can, nobody can stop us and we just like to cause chaos. We chose August 1 so we have time to relax and not care about doing anything.

This far more comprehensive attack, @xotehpoodle states, will target Pokémon Go servers globally, for over 20 hours. “Basically the entire day”, @xotehpoodle reportedly stated, with a DDoS attack brought on by a botnet of about 600,000 devices. The botnet supposedly includes devices including routers, CCTV cameras, DVRs, computers and dedicated servers.

The augmented reality-based game is a global phenomenon, becoming the fastest mobile game to reach 10 million downloads worldwide, in just seven days. Since its release on July 7, two weeks ago, the game has been downloaded over 30 million times on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. While the game has earned over $35 million in net revenue, it has had a far more telling effect on Nintendo, the company that develops and publishes the Pokémon media franchise.

Nintendo’s shares more than doubled, rocketing alongside the popularity of Pokémon Go with its market value jumping above $39 billion, pushing the company above the likes of Sony in market value.

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