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New York Times: Russian Intelligence Hackers Targeted Us

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New York Times: Russian Intelligence Hackers Targeted Us


In a report late Tuesday, the New York Times revealed that it’s Moscow bureau was the target of a cyberattack from Russian hackers, earlier this month.

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Although details are currently scarce, the New York Times’s Moscow bureau was, according to the publication, the target of an attempted cyberattack this month.

A spokeswoman for The Times insisted that there was no evidence to show that the cyberattack was successful.

We are constantly monitoring our systems with the latest available intelligence and tools,” Eileen Murphy stated. She added, “We have seen no evidence that any of our internal systems, including our systems in the Moscow bureau, have been breached or compromised.”

The New York Times is one among other US news organizations targeted with cyberattacks, CNN reported earlier, citing US officials as sources while not naming the other news agencies.

The officials revealed that investigations so far point to Russian intelligence as the instigators of the attacks. The news network also hinted that The Times’ email network may have been among the targets of the cyberattack, while noting that Times employees’ email services are outsourced to Google.

Private investigators involved in earlier investigations which saw hackers breach the networks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) point to two of Russia’s intelligence agencies behind the incidents. They maintain with “high confidence” that the now-infamous attack on DNC servers was the doing of two Russian intelligence agencies, the F.S.B and the G.R.U. The former is notably the successor to Russia’s K.G.B while the latter is the country’s leading military intelligence unit.

Since the DNC hack, the FBI has also widened the net of its investigation, covering other recent breaches including that of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the fund-raising arm of the Democratic party.

Russia intelligence alleged involvement in United States’ affairs, particularly during a time when the latter is gearing up toward the Presidential elections, is gaining notoriety and attention from all corners. Indeed, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump infamously asked Russian hackers to dig up rival Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Once the FBI’s investigation is complete, senior US administration officials claim that US President Obama will have to make a decision. If Russian culpability is far too strong with the evidence presented, the NYT reports that economic sanctions, quiet warnings toward Russia or even a cyberespionage counterattack, is entirely within the realms of possibility.

Meanwhile, cyberespionage is a practice that most governments engage in, according to comments from US National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper Jr, last year. He remarked that the much-publicized OPM breach was not an attack and rather a form of “theft or espionage.”

“We, too, practice cyberespionage,” Clapper Jr stated,”…we’re not bad at it.”

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Samburaj Das

Samburaj Das

Samburaj is the contributing editor at Hacked and keeps tabs on science, technology and cyber security.

  • user

    AUTHOR Kerouac

    Posted on 6:13 pm August 27, 2016.

    These are coming left and right, back and around, up and down, all the time. NYT isn’t innocent, nor are the Russians, Obama administration, or so-called “alt media” sell-outs to the big-name dirty-tricks! Am I the only one who just doesn’t care anymore if this is true? I mean, Clinton overplaying it, Trump downplaying it, I just think I’ve become indifferent to stuff. Trump may be semi-cozy with Putin, but it ain’t some conspiracy theory, and Clinton is just distracting sh*t from her scandal, then Breitbart does what these NYT/AP/CNN type shams do by blaming her crime on a tool which isn’t even perfect, instead of focusing on the fact, neither candidate is perfect, and the media usually lies for Clinton, but as much as I prefer alt-media, usually more of Old-Right affiliation, there are some doing this sh*t on that side, too. I’m sad to say, I have no more sympathy for hacks like this – if that makes me a sociopathic traitor, so-be-it. I’m American and I’m pissed at both sides and everything in between! This just means more news for me and their humiliation as well as any dirt this can dig up on ’em! Government controls the media and the government is its own corporation, virtually indistinguishable from the monopolies who front the show below them! They’re all guilty! What we need is more freedom, transparency, none of the f*cking back-and-forth…you get that from people who like crypto and not guns or guns and not crypto, or who race-bait on both sides. Research is valuable, screw any such accusations, but it ain’t right to fan the flames and then get that big media show and its drama, and it also needs to be said what you take away from someone else can be taken away from you, especially when companies or the populace advocate such tyrannical centralization. I value my crypto, I value my right to bear arms, if NYT or Fox, CNBC, etc., can’t understand that by picking either sides when they’re all the same, then good luck, this stupid sell-out willingness just produces more like-minded people as me who couldn’t care less when I have more important things to worry about like my ability to pay bills, these taxes, college debt, while the Federal Reserve, DoJ, NSA, IRS, State Dept and White House f*ck all our lives up on behalf of gaining their leverage through publications like this, then play the victim-game!

  • user

    AUTHOR Kerouac

    Posted on 6:52 pm August 27, 2016.

    Trump ain’t innocent, but he didn’t “ask” them to dig more up on her. Firstly, he was trolling and the MSM picked up on it – left and right – aka establishment and establishment. Secondly, they didn’t need to, they were in the systems before, they already have the data and that’s been proven. And it’s funny because the Obamacrats such as Clinton and even RINOs like Jeb push for stricter surveillance to supposedly “prevent” this sh*t, when we all know it’s to, #1: cover-up actions of the federal government, #2: take away both our crypto and gun rights – which are of the same vein and should be treated as such, and #3: win elections by distracting the media from the real scandal which is what the emails contained in the first place (bleachbit ain’t perfect, FBI is almost always corrupt; don’t turn a blindeye to it just because you may dislike the “cleared” dumba** who was “under investigation,” because corruption is corruption and it’s no need to pollute the media with hyped drama). I’m not going to advocate foreign intervention by Russia anymore than I’d advocate our involvement over this type of crap-drama, but all I’m saying is: the establishment acts as though it’s the victim when it perpetrated several felonies and got away with it, externally blames it, outright perjors, when it does the same against other nations and that’s “justified,” even though Arab Spring led to not-so-better tyranny replacement in Egypt, the rise of Islamic terror organization, ISIS in Syria, cozying up with Iran, or even picking sides in the Crimean crisis when let’s face it, both Russia AND Ukraine are corrupt. But the fact we’d pretend Ukraine is innocent when they do the same dirty sh*t we call Putin out for doing, to protect a dying disorder named the European Union, is pitiful!

    While there is evidence to show Russians were behind DCLeaks, keep in mind they also leaked RNC emails which is a no-no if they were sabotaging in favor of Trump rather than just sabotaging us, period, and 2nd: the people behind DCCC were Slavic, but they very likely could’ve been Moldovan which would make a lot of sense. TAO “hack” was obviously faked to look as though the Russians did it. While I don’t trust Putin who’s an authoritarian, there ain’t no conspiracy between him and Trump subverting the election by conspiring some hack. Further, let’s face it: Trump, Clinton, Putin – not much different. proud a**, a** who plays victim and silences any challengers, a** who’s surely authoritarian but also loved by his own people.

    No one’s innocent here. Who got shafted as always? The citizens who’ve gotta pay for the ISIS “refugees,” hand over their liberties either crypto or firearms, privacy, 1st amendment, etc., in order to feed a hungry leviathan led by a two-headed monster feigning rivalry in a hopeless contest charaded as being “OUR” choice. The people in power get away with it. Comey and the other charlatons in office are just headed by Loretta – another fraudulent SoB, who wanna take away your 4th amendment in the name of so-called “security,” but none really know what it means. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson did! It’s a lost art. We deserve security, but good gawd man, government ain’t your deity anymore than f*cking corporations are! The government IS a monopoly, and the sooner we get them and their bend-over lobbyists out of power, the better! Until then, we see this war on common sense and a penchant for sensationalist “media,” from either corrupt side. And think that Gary Johnson’s any better? He sold out just like everyone else! We’re supposed to proudly wave the Gadsden, not become a tool of the centralized dictatorship that is D.C. Pride in your country is very important, but that means respecting the liberties we are supposedly guaranteedd under our founding principles, because without them, there’s no reasonable sense of pride by anyone who valued what we once were. Until we hold the aristocrats responsible for their crimes, instead of painting them into a portrait of victimhood while demonizing anyone who dares rebel against uselessly ill-conceived “laws,” we don’t have a Consttitutional Republic! The cultist culture of selling-out one’s own values makes me sick and I see it in Shrilldebeast fanatic circles just as I do in Trumpkin circles! I’d rather take an a** who shows his a**holery, than one who vigorously hides it, but in the end, no matter which side wins, we’re all gonna be f*cking doomed! In such a sensible, educated world, this would be recognized as realism, but most others see it as pessimism. Meh, give it names, IDC, it’s my opinion and I’m gonna come right out and say it!

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