Microsoft Clowns with yesterday’s news that Google would be restructuring all of its efforts under one new moniker (Alphabet), someone in Redmond, Washington (home to Microsoft) registered redirects to The IP address associated with it is located at Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft representatives did not formulate comment in time for publication.

Google’s press department reacted to the news by saying:

We aren’t doing interviews at this time or providing additional commentary.

This is not the first time Redmond has used satire in its competition with Mountain View. Just this past December, a blog post written by a product manager of Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft’s remote office offering) ridiculed Google in a way reminiscent of the famed Scroogled campaign, which aptly reminded customers of how Google earns its living – mining data and selling it to advertisers. One of Satya Nadella’s first moves as incoming executive was to cancel the campaign as well as all “Scroogled” merchandise sales. All funds made directly from that campaign were donated to charity.

Microsoft’s registration of (still common slang in 2015) is interesting in that it seems to be sending a message to Google, as there can be no other obvious explanation. It was certainly not premeditated, as does not appear in the auction listings of gTLD operator Donuts, LLC.

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