It’s Over Justin: TRX Army Turns on TRON CEO Despite 10 BTC Offer

The followers of TRON CEO Justin Sun are quickly losing patience with the controversial frontman, as evidenced by the torrent of abuse he recently received on social media.

Sun tweeted his offer to aid Binance in their search for the KYC data blackmailer by offering a 10 BTC reward. Despite the apparently generous offer, his followers cared little for the gesture, and continued to grill him over recent events which put TRON (TRX) in a bad light.

In fact, the CEO’s tweets are starting to show a worrying trend. In March, many of Sun’s then 1.01 million followers were discovered to be fake. Fast forward to Thursday, and even though the tweet in question gained nearly 700 likes, barely any positivity can be found in the +200 comments. Likes and retweets are easy to buy – comments less so.

TRON Army Turns on Justin Sun

On Thursday Justin Sun tweeted the following offer to Binance, in relation to their efforts to catch the hacker who exposed the exchange’s customer KYC data.

Scrolling through the comments on the tweet, you must read through 81 comments before a single positive note can be found – and even that might have been veiled sarcasm.

First you have to scroll through numerous tweets referencing controversies from last quarter’s news cycle. Where’s the Tesla Justin promised to all of his Twitter bots? When’s the much hyped afternoon tea with Warren Buffet taking place where Justin will save crypto and soften the heart of the skeptical finance veteran?

These taunts are small fry compared to the prospect of investors cashing out of TRX, as one user claimed he’d done:

“I have removed a big portion of my position. This is becoming too much. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted.”

Another user suggested a long-term solution to the problem of blatant opportunists in the cryptosphere, tweeting:

“An effective deterrent might be public hanging? It worked for hundreds of years.”

The Hype Machine is Running Out of Steam

When TRON first burst on the scene, it’s not like people couldn’t see its flashy, synthetic edges. In fact, the Justin Sun hype machine was one of the main reasons for investing in TRX. People knew the code was plagiarized, and that the CEO had a big mouth, but well… big mouths can pump coin prices, so no one really cared.

But as one of Sun’s Twitter followers suggested, the PR machine has now come crawling to a halt:

“Between China and the US, Justin Sun’s PR game maybe running out of steam. Bye bye Justin.”

The common man on social media isn’t the only one turning against Justin Sun. Just six months ago, Sun and TRON still had support in major media circles. Google ‘Justin Sun TRON’ now and you’ll be met with a rap sheet documenting the hilarious (and sometimes serious) life and crimes of the gaffe-prone CEO.

It’s over, Justin.

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.