ICOs to Watch in 2018 Part 2: Akropolis and GoChain

This is part 2 of the series, ICOs to Watch in 2018, which highlights ICOs that are positioned to do well over the next few months. To review the first article in the series, where we explored FarmaTrusst and OpenPlatform, click here

As more and more ICOs are launching on a regular basis, some of the top ones are starting to make themselves known. These select few ICOs are changing history right before our eyes. The two ICOs covered today are making a big mark on society and changing it for the better.

Not only are these ICOs disrupting major society norms, but they also have the potential to change individual investors’ lives as well. 2018 will be a year where many take a risk and reap the rewards. However, none of what is written in this article should be considered financial advice but is the opinion of the hacked analyst based on arduous research.

When researching ICOs, try and look for those that are building the infrastructure of the future, such as platforms, blockchains and protocols. These type ICOs will prove to eclipse dApp ICOs many times over in terms of ROI.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.


Akropolis makes the complex world of pensions and retirement funds easier to understand and more accessible. Traditional retirement plans include 401(k)s and pensions. Many people do not understand the difference between a 401(k) plan and a pension plan. 401(k) plans allow individual employees to choose their own retirement investments with no guaranteed minimum or maximum benefits and the employee takes on the full risk. A pension is a guaranteed monthly income in retirement in which the plan provider takes on the investment risk.

Akropolis’ vision is to solve traditional pension plan issues, such as reliance on third parties, and disparate systems. Currently, users have to keep up with their pensions when moving from one company to another. This process can be cumbersome and complicated. Akropolis will be a central source of pension management to make it easier for users to invest and keep up with their retirement funds.

“I first heard about the pension time bomb in 1996 when my professor Jim Ball, closed the semester with a warning that nobody was doing anything about it. Now, more than 20 years later, still nobody is doing anything about it, and we now know that regardless of pension contributions made youth, they are never going to get a pension. This – Akropolis – is the first time I’ve heard anyone come up with a positive, thought-out approach to the pension time bomb. I’m in.” – Ian Grigg

Akropolis is positioned to revolutionize an archaic pension fund system. Akropolis gives more control to the individual, fund managers and pension funds themselves while providing access to a secure simple to use platform.

Akropolis Investment Details:

  • Token Price: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD
  • Token Supply: 900,000,000 AKT
  • Available for Purchase: 360,000,000 AKT
  • Hard Cap: $25,000,000 USD

With a hard cap of $25 million, Akropolis is positioned to easily double, if not triple initial investments. A company such as Akropolis that is providing so much value can easily reach a $75 million market cap within six months. ICOs that are updating old technology and building a new technology infrastructure have the potential to take off in the current market climate. A few ICOs have an idea and a whitepaper with very little substance, while Akropolis is taking on the complex pension fund industry head first. The team behind the project is very strong and the advisers are well very experienced in running successful ICOs themselves. If Akropolis stays on course and hits all of its deadlines it will definitely be one to watch in 2018.


GoChain is a high performance, scalable blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. GoChain is 100% compatible with existing Ethereum wallets and smart contracts. This will allow dApps on the Ethereum network to move seamlessly over to a platform that is 100x faster.

GoChain’s testnet went live in March 2018 and produced amazing results.

Confirmed transaction rates range between 1,100–1,500 transactions per second (TPS) averaging approximately 1300 tx/sec. In May, GoChain released their mainnet, which has shown similarly fast, verified transactions per second. The goal over the next few months is to increase tx/sec to 13,000. While 1,300 tps is already way faster than Ethereum, 13,000 will be groundbreaking opening the blockchain to the possibility of mainstream adoption.

GoChain’s management team is made up of very experienced individuals:

Jason Dekker – CEO

Jason is a former hedge fund manager managing in excess of $250 million. He has extensive C-level experience in finance, biotech, traditional tech and the food and beverage industries.

Travis Reeder – Chief Software Architect

Travis has over 20 years of experience developing high scale applications having founded successful technology companies. He has also raised tens of millions in funding from some of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley.

Blockchain ICOs remains the top investment choice of many investors. As we are in the midst of a blockchain revolution, GoChain is poised to take dApps to the next level by providing faster speed than Ethereum while still offering the advantages of smart contracts.

From the investor view, GoChain raised approximately $13,700,000 during the ICO. For a blockchain project of this scale, this is a very low hard cap. To put the GoChain potential ROI into perspective we can compare this project to Ethereum itself. ETH currently has a market cap of $58 billion. If GoChain were to reach a $58 billion market cap, this would give investors a 4,200% return. This comparison can be made because GoChain is fully compatible with ERC20 applications that are built on Ethereum and offer all of the same technological advantages of Ethereum platform itself while increasing transaction speeds 100x. If GoChain were even to capture 10% of the Ethereum dApps market share, investors would still realize a 426% ROI.

The ICO itself sold out quickly but there is still time to get in on the ground level by buying tokens right as GoChain is listed on its first exchange. While no one but the team knows the exact date, most ICOs are listed on exchanges fairly soon after their ICO ends to allow for token liquidity. GoChain is definitely one to watch in 2018 and beyond.

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