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According to the latest statistics, over $20 billion has been raised across 806 completed ICOs so far in 2018. Every single one of those projects is dying to get listed on a couple of major exchanges. Binance, the current no. 1 exchange in the world, offers around 150 different token/BTC pairings. This is not a lot, considering there are over 2,000 trade worthy tokens. There’s still plenty of room for good liquidity providing exchanges to come onto the scene.

Source: coinschedule.com

Some of the key issues with existing trading exchanges include lack of security, latency problems, poor customer support, liquidity issues and lack of automated functions. XERA is coming up with a fully integrated trading platform that solves all these major issues.

The XERA team is made up of traders who have gained decades of experience in the banking and information technology sectors. They have identified key functions no crypto exchange should be without.

They will provide the following tools and advantages over existing exchanges:

  • Liquidity: XERA will place 10% of the total profit generated from trading fees into a liquidity pool, ensuring the exchange has healthy liquidity.
  • Customer Support: Provides 24/7 support from verified experts.
  • Highly Secure: An experienced security team, backed by audits and state of the art cybersecurity. Will ensure that personally, identifiable information is completely secure from theft.
  • Lightning Fast: The POC system will be really fast with low latency. Check out their ALPHA test video here.
  • Auto-trading: Users will be able to look at market data and Technical indicators which will help traders implement their strategies by “direct coding methods which will automatically execute their trades based on user implemented logic.”
  • Notification Mechanism: Users will receive instants SMS or email notifications when trades are executed via the auto trade feature. Multiple orders: Stop-loss, target sale sell, OCO, limit, market, trailing stop, fill or kill, and scaled.
  • Integrated on-site Tutorials: With the help of visuals, voice, and AI, traders will “learn how to trade in less than 30 minutes”
  • Dual Dashboard: One side of the dashboard will be a simple UI design with an easy interface to trade on. The other side will have advanced features like 4-hour time frames, global volume presentation, extensive charts and technical indicators across many time frames, etc.
  • Fiat Integration: They are securing the required legal agreements for offering fiat as a payment method.
  • 90 second KYC secure process, thanks to a recent partnership with Authenteq.


XERA is an ERC20 token. Like Binance token, it will be used to reduce trading fees at half off.

There will also be a token buyback policy. At the end of each quarter, XERA will buy back tokens from 20% of the profit generated from trading fees. The coins will then be burned. Buyback will continue until the time 50% of the total tokens have been bought back

XERA will initially be priced at $0.50 per token.


This team from London is already fully loaded and has been working for almost 1 year.

Abhishek Singh – Founder. Six years at CSC as Lead Development Consultant. CSC is a massive info tech company with 56,000 professionals serving clients in more than 60 countries. Rwo years Lead Tech Specialist at IBM.

Arpit Sharma – Co-Founder. Blockchain and distributed ledger expert. Provides infrastructure and data center management solutions to many projects including Tachain, Raegen Hillyer International, Cirious, and Drife.

There are lots of developers listed, which is surprisingly unique for an ICO. Some of the notables:

  • Vlad Glushenko – 2.5 years as Senior Blockchain Developer for IBM
  • Mark Mathis – Former Developer at IBM, Bank of America, 8 years at Tadamobile.
  • Jagmeet Singh Hanspal – 6 Years Senior Tech Lead at Ericcson, 5 years Senior Engineer at Transwitch, 3 years at Juniper.
  • Habtamu Beza – Infrastructure Specialist. He has worked for some giants, including; Comtech, Amazon, AT&T, Microsoft, and Huawei.

Twelve advisors are listed. Almost all of them are experts in blockchain, promotions, and ICO launches.


BNB coin has a total market cap of over $1.2 billion, which is a solid bellwether for XERA.


  • Lots of competition. although the above chart shows some of their advantages, traders are pretty set in their ways and it will take a lot to get them to move over to XERA.  -3
  • Legal hurdles. When asked in telegram how they plan to deal with regulations, the moderated stated, “US and China residents will not be allowed to participate in token sale. As far as exchange is concerned, it will be open to various countries. We have few months before we launch exchange and we are already in process of getting crypto-trading license, to allow more traders geographically.”-2

Growth Potential

  • The team is talented and capable. +2
  • Right now they have USD and Euro pairings only. Down the line, they aim to accept maximum fiat pairs, and will work to fulfill local legislative requirements as early as possible.+1
  • Good amount of hype. They are running some kind of bounty campaign which is working well on Twitter and Medium. Telegram is active with over 8k members. +1
  • The following top projects/coins will be on  XERA Exchange at launch, and they are constantly working on listing more; IOTA, DASH, DigiByte, NEM, Power Ledger, OmisGo +2
  • Token buyback policy is an excellent way to reward hodlers. “At the end of each quarter XERA will buy back tokens from 20% of the profit generated from trading fees. The coins will then be burned.” +2
  • 30% (28.5 million tokens) of the tokens will be held in a reserve for future use for internal purpose. +1
  • XERA’s revenue model is on point. They will profit on exchange fees, withdrawal fees, and listing fees. +2
  • The roadmap is clear and achievable. +1


Crypto is here to stay. Although there are already lots of exchanges, with many more in the works, there’s still plenty of action to go around. This ICO has tons of value. 7/10

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