ICO Analysis: Viarium

VR technology, short for virtual reality, has started to gain serious attention among computer users lately. Although for now, it seems like this popularity is due to VR video games, such as VRChat, it would be unfair to say that the mere use-case of the technology is restricted to video games as any sufficiently developed VR platform is able to provide a very wide range of real life and business solutions, from conducting business meetings to trying on clothes.

Viarium is a platform aiming to replace physical space with an environment of virtual reality in a decentralized manner. Created for the widest audience possible, it will host several environments such as shopping centers, building, showrooms, meeting rooms and anything else one could imagine. As the platform allows environment developers or VR architects, if you will, to generate additional income by designing outlets and virtual worlds, a plentitude of different lots can be expected.

Several different actors such as the following can use and benefit from Viarium:

  • Businesses: A business owner can use a VR sales outlet instead of an actual, physical place. By doing so, he or she would reduce operational costs, such as rent, wages, and logistics. Removing the physical barriers also enables them to have a wider audience of customers and to enter the international market.
  • Users: Any user gets instant access to an enormous number of products, shopping centers and makes purchases without leaving their room. Using VR glasses and the Viarium platform provides the full immersion experience. They can also visit museums, galleries, play video games and attend exclusive VR events. What a Viarium user can do is only restricted by VR architects’ imagination.
  • Developers: The existence of a capable VR world enables the VR architect to find jobs easier as it is possible to provide a live demo of VR objects to the employer within the VR world.
  • Advertisers: Advertisers can run their ads in popular places and in places allocated for advertisement.

Aiming to create a complete experience of a virtual reality, Viarium seems ready to take the challenge on.


The VRX token will be used to perform operations listed below.

  • To pay for creating new territories, objects, marketplace fees, and any other payment.
  • To participate in voting regarding a virtual territory’s internal management.
  • To pay for licenses to use the monetized content.
  • To pay employees and other service providers.

As bonuses between 5% and 50% are provided to the pre-sale contributors, the ICO investor should be extremely careful before making any investment in the project as to not face an immediate dump upon listing on exchanges. It might be a wise move to allocate some of the funds to be invested in the project aside and use them to buy tokens from the market after the project is listed in exchanges.

The initial total supply of VRX is 250,000,000 tokens with the following token distribution:

  1. 2% bounty
  2. 3% advisors
  3. 36% Viarium foundation
  4. 3% team
  5. 52% token sale
  6. 4% founders

The team is planning to use the token sale proceeds as follows.

  1. 5% contingency expenses
  2. 10% reserve funds
  3. 15% marketing and public relations
  4. 30% VR infrastructure
  5. 40% opening access points


Darya Kolyvanova: Kolyvanova has worked at UFS Investment Company.

Gulnara Galeeva: Galeeva was the marketing and sales director of the business unit at Otto Group.


Matt Coleman: Coleman has worked as the national sales manager at Warner Music Group.


Below is a breakdown of the risks and growth potential of Viarium.


  • No information for future plans after June 2019 is public yet. (-1)
  • The team does not have any members who have worked for Fortune 500-level companies. (-1.5)
  • VR projects in the cryptocurrency space are money so we can say that the competition with other projects is high. (-2)
  • Although companies such as HTC, Oculus, Lenovo, and Sony are listed as partners, the extent of these partnerships is not clear. (-2)

Growth Potential

  • The Viarium team is focusing on the entire VR market, instead of a very restricted range like VR games. (+2)
  • An extremely low hard-cap of $5,000,000 is quite attractive for ICO investors. (+3)
  • The presence of Matt Coleman as an advisor is huge for the project. (+3)


The technology of virtual reality has started to gain more and more attention lately thanks to an abundance of VR games and according to several forecasts, the number of VR users is expected to reach two million by the end of the year. As it is predicted to top $80 billion by 2025, many different industries are developing VR solutions for their own respective fields. Aiming to have a first mover advantage, Viarium is building a platform providing an extensive range of VR solutions for businesses, users, developers, and advertisers. The team’s focusing on the entire market instead of a very restricted range such as VR games is definitely a good sign. Only a mere hard-cap of $5,000,000 is aimed to be collected and this makes this projects extremely attractive for the ICO investor.

The project is advised by Warner Music Group’s ex-national sales manager, Matt Coleman, and his entertainment industry experience and connections should be of benefit to the team. Still, the team is quite weak compared to other blockchain projects as it does not have any member who has worked for Fortune 500-level companies and the high competition among VR blockchain projects might be a problem if the project does not attain sufficient community interest. Another issue with the project is that although leading companies such as HTC, Oculus, Lenovo, and Sony are listed as partners, the extent of these partnerships are not clear and the ICO investor might be better taking these with a grain of salt until further clarification is made. Viarium receives a 1.5/10.

Investment Details

  • Type: ERC20 – Utility
  • Symbol: VRX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: October 10th
  • Minimum Investment: None
  • Price: $0.05
  • Hard Cap: $5,000,000
  • Payments Accepted: ETH
  • Restricted from Participating: The United States

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