ICO Analysis: SVPER

Studies show that socializing and meeting new people is becoming an online activity for Millennials and Generation Z members. Though this is arguably due to the presence of mobile devices and smartphones, this turn of social lives from offline to online comes with a price: Excessive internet use leads to social isolation and loneliness (Page 6).

Being one of the most downloaded application categories, social network apps are a crucial factor here, since they are used for online socialization and presence. SVPER thinks that meeting new people in real life deserves another chance and aims to create an application for mobile devices to match people more accurately while incentivizing them by giving token rewards.

That is right, you get tokens for meeting new people. This is definitely something unorthodox, but there is even more: Contrary to social networks such as Facebook in which you can check people’s user profiles and pictures, SVPER Application gets rid of all these and text messages and replaces them with invitations in form of videos. The claim is that this reduces fake identities and scams. Also, you don’t have to be worried about getting ditched: If you are, then the counterparty is temporarily or permanently banned from using the platform.

Platform users share what they are doing or what they are planning to do with other nearby users and video-invite them to join. These social behaviors are rewarded when they, in fact, meet and touch their phones to “greet” each other. Additional rewards will be provided when users meet in SVPER’s partner venues.


SVP tokens are used for interactions between its users and the platform. In addition to greeting the counterparty when they meet, users will be able to earn tokens by referring other users to join the platform, attending sponsored events and participating in the ambassadors program. As the SVPR team thinks that ads presence is fair only when users get a cut from their revenue, this is going to be another source of free tokens.

On the other hand, SVP is used for premium features, event tickets, and crowdfunding events. As no partnership with ticketing companies is announced so far, if none is established by the time SVPR app is launched at Q4’18, the token will have very little use. However, as 60% of the obtained funds will be allocated for marketing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see at least a few companies’ names listed as partners by then.

The initial total supply of SVP is 1 billion tokens with the following token distribution:

  1. 15% private sale
  2. 5% advisors and bounty program
  3. 10% founders and team
  4. 15% DVPT funds and reserve
  5. 40% ICO
  6. 15% pre ICO

Founders and team tokens will be locked up for 2 years, which is usually considered to a sign of the team’s good faith in the project. Advisor tokens are locked up for only six months, but given that they are equal to or less than 5% of all tokens, this short period of lock up should not worry the investor. On the other hand, ICO participants should note that a quite high of bonus 55% was given to private sale participants and pre-ICO contributors will get bonuses between 30% and 5%. Lastly, it is worthy to consider that all unsold tokens will be burned before making any investment.

The team is planning to use the token sale proceeds as in the following manner:

  • 15% technical
  • 5% non-technical
  • 10% operational
  • 10% research and development
  • 60% marketing


Creative Director Alex Goude: Goude has hosted France’s Got Talent.

Head of Digital Marketing Xavier Fisselier: Fisselier has worked at Boiron France, a pharmaceuticals company, as the marketing director for seven years.

CFO Manuel Rotszyld: Rotszyld is a former senior manager at EY France and CFO at Kaufman and Broad France, a real estate company.


Compliance Advisor Stéphane Jolas: Jolas was a senior manager at EY Société d’Avocats and a senior consultant at PwC.

Victor Chow: Chow was the COO at Huawei’s Cloud Business and Hosting Services for four years.


Below is a breakdown of the risks and growth potential of SVPER.


  • Blockchain social networks historically did not do so well (-1.5).
  • SVPER is quite different than the social network projects we have already seen. Especially given that meeting online with friends became the norm more or less, it is going to be hard to change just by handing them free tokens. (-2)

Growth Potential

  • If platform participants are incentivized by high rewards, SVPER can attract high interest at least in some areas. (+2)
  • Social networks and messaging applications with unordinary features tend to do surprisingly well. It is highly conceivable that many people would at least experiment with it. (+2)
  • As unsold tokens will be burned and SVPER’s revenue burning mechanism will decrease the supply for the first three years, it is possible to see a quite low number of tokens in circulation for some time. (+3)


Meeting your friends offline is a thing of the past, but studies show that this correlates with social isolation and loneliness. SVPER aims to bring the old ways back, incentivizing people to go out and meet with others by rewarding them tokens. Platform users will be able to video-invite others to social activities such as concerts and movies. This use of video-invitations is meant to reduce fake identities and scams. This unordinary meeting application can receive good attention as non-standard features tend to generate high interest, though token metrics are not favoring ICO investors as more than a bonus of 50% was offered to private sale contributors. If a considerable number of tokens gets burned, the app release at Q4’18 might yield good returns. SVPER receives a 5/10.

Investment Details

  • Type: ERC20 – Utility
  • Symbol: SVP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: Nov 1st
  • Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Price: €0.06
  • Hard Cap: €35,000,000
  • Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE and fiat
  • Restricted from Participating: United States

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