ICO Analysis: Spatium

Supporting over 100 different cryptocurrencies, the Spatium wallet is designed to be an extremely secure software and hardware wallet allowing the signing of transactions without storing private keys. This technology will prevent hacks by replacing private keys with a more secure distributed scheme. Spatium aims to have a much higher level of security than current existing wallets. The Spatium protocol aims to allow the Spatium wallet to be stored on a combination of multiple physical devices which greatly decreases the odds of being hacked. Even if a hacker gained access to one of the devices, the wallet would remain safe since access to every device in the combination would be required to access all the information required to control the assets.

Further planned Spatium developments include:

1) A decentralized exchange (DEX). Users with a Spatium wallet can trade their holdings with over 100 cryptocurrencies safely stored in their Spatium wallet.

2) An ICO platform. Designed to make investing in an ICO easy and safe allowing the ability to allocate funds to a vetted ICO in which they will automatically be invested on the first day of the ICO.

3) A Portfolio Investment platform to bring the hedge fund system to crypto without the hedge fund fees. Any user can create, buy, or sell a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and profit from its performance.

4) Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals with instant transactions in any cryptocurrency (because the transactions will not need to wait for verification). To make this system run smoothly and in a scalable, lasting manner, we will eventually implement our own blockchain. The beauty of this is that it can work with any crypto and across chains.


Spatium tokens (SPT) are ERC20 utility tokens. All Spatium products will be sold at a discount for tokens. SPT will be used for all Spatium services fees. For the ICO, the price will be 1 SPT = 0.0868 USD (0.00031250 ETH) with a market cap of $12 million USD. There will be a total supply of 200,000,000 tokens with 25% available for purchase.

Use of tokens:

  • Anyone purchasing a device sold by Spatium will receive a discount if purchased in SPT tokens.
  • SPT will be used in B2B products for corporate clients, including sales of corporate devices, payable in SPT tokens.
  • In order to exchange coins on the Spatium DEX, market takers will pay a fee using SPT tokens. The market maker will get paid a fee in SPT tokens.
  • Fees to portfolio creators and sellers will be paid in SPT tokens.
  • Users will pay a fee, using SPT, for the ability to contribute to ICOs through the Spatium platform.
  • The more SPT a user holds, the less the fees will be for transactions within the Spatium ecosystem.
  • SPT tokens will be used for voting for new coins and ICO projects.

Token allocation:

  • 30% Ecosystem development & support (locked for 1 year)
  • 25% Private sale & ICO (3% private sale bonus)
  • 20% Team (locked for 2 years)
  • 12% Advisors & strategic partners
  • 10% Community & marketing
  • 3% Airdrop


The team is well balanced with extensive experience and knowledge in the necessary fields (business, marketing, and blockchain) for the success of this project. A few members are listed below:

Geray Yusifov: Co-Founder, CEO at Spatium. Former Partner/CEO ADV Azerbaijan & Georgia at ADV.

Aliaksei Ivanou: Security Architect at Spatium. Lead Security Testing Engineer at EPAM Systems.

Jeong Cheol: Asia Market Consultant at Spatium. CEO & Co-founder at 3Kobros Limited. Former Advanced Consultant at Altran UK.

Marat Zhanispayev: Co-Founder at Spatium. Owner/CEO at ADV. Former General Manager at McCann Erickson

Lon Wong: Advisor for Spatium. President at NEM.io Foundation Ltd. CEO, Founder at Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd


Spatium offers a wide range of functionality for traders, funds, exchanges, institutional investors and everyone who wants to have the best security of cryptocurrency storage combined with quick and convenient money transfers. Spatium could become quite valuable if able to achieve everything they’ve set out to do.

Growth Potential

  • On average, ICOs with partnerships tend to fare better than those without partnerships. Partners of Spatium include NEM, EdenChain, Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund. +3
  • Even though a DEX is included in the plans for Spatium, numerous DEX’ are currently being built upon blockchains at a rapid rate. However, Spatium’s unique security protocol and ICO platform should help them stand out from the crowd. +4
  • Token metrics play a large role for many ico investors in determining whether to invest or not. Team tokens are locked up for 2 years, only a 3% private sale bonus, and a low market cap of $12,000,000 will be attractive to ICO investors. +3


  • Short-term investors abound in this market and the amount of hype surrounding a project is a factor that ranks high for them. Although this could change closer to the crowdsale, currently hype and social media attention are relatively low for Spatium. -1
  • Generally the higher the percentage of tokens sold during the crowdsale, the better. With 25% of tokens being sold during the ico, this is considered slightly on the low side. -1
  • Although Spatium has a unique approach, they will still face stiff competition with some further along in development. -2


While others are frantically competing for the fastest blockchain or the best DEX, Spatium is aiming to bring innovation to cryptocurrency security. If Spatium is able to achieve their goals and adhere to their detailed roadmap through 2019, an excellent ROI should be expected. Spatium receives a rating of 6 out of 10.

Investment Details

  • Symbol: SPT
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 SPT = 0.0868 USD (0.00031250 ETH)
  • Fundraising Goal: 12,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 200,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 25%
  • Crowdsale: Scheduled for late September

For more information regarding Spatium:
Website: https://spatium.net
Telegram: t.me/spatiumwallet
Twitter: twitter.com/spatium_news
Medium: medium.com/spatium-blog
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiw3jQd5-V3IB12zAJV-heA

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