ICO Analysis: Gizer

The growth and widespread adoption of eSports has shined the spotlight on Gizer, the real-time platform connecting gamers, hosts and services. The Gizer Network provides the gaming community the opportunity to connect through tournament hosting, service and product listings, and brand sponsorships all found directly on the platform.

For those unaware, eSports are multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators.

What Is Gizer?

The Gizer startup was officially launched in 2016. Over that short period, it has already acquired thousands of users worldwide. In September 2017, the official Gizer mobile app launched on the App Store, with Android development also moving to beta testing. Web application and localization into various languages are expected to continue throughout the year.

The company is already eyeing partnerships with top eSports brands to commence as soon as February 2018.

In a 2017 whitepaper, Gizer outlines its value proposition by identifying the current problem in the eSports industry:

“There is no network to fuel the competitive gaming and eSports economy. Competitive events are the pinnacle of entertainment, yet there is little infrastructure in place to grow competitive communities. Gamers can’t find quality events quickly enough. They are discouraged to host events due to the lack of ecosystem structure.”

It goes on to add:

“There is no economy to employ people with skills in the gaming and eSports world. As of today, gaming is a rapidly growing global phenomenon which has many segregated players, creating many small networks of communities around the world. There is a need for infrastructure to support gaming and eSports as technology advances.”

GZR Token: How It Works

The Gizer token, or GZR, is an ERC20 token conceived on the public Ethereum blockchain. GZR uses the latest advances in blockchain technology for seamless integration across multiple gaming platforms.  GZR represents an unlockable profile that must first attached itself to the user’s Gizer Global Identity (GG-ID). Only then can it be added to a user’s wallet.

When a token is unlocked, it creates a randomized profile that is applied to the gamer’s avatar. By unlocking more tokens, users gain prestige within the gaming community and are rewarded exclusive items, rank boosts and badges.

Unlocked tokens are sent from the user’s wallet to the Gizer project for further reuse. GZR tokens can also be used to pay commissions or other fees on the platform.

Market Opportunity

Gizer sees a huge opportunity to develop a gaming network that emphasizes convenience, and allows users to find and engage in activities or events in as little as 20 seconds. That’s the amount of time users need to make up their mind about how they’ll spend the next 3 hours.

The Gizer business model proposes to take a small commission on specific transactions being executed on the network. Transactions can occur between and among hosts, services and venues, as well as consumers. The more users join and interact, the more valuable the Gizer platform becomes.

A quick look at the market size and growth trajectory of eSports clearly show that Gizer’s efforts could pay off big. In 2017 alone, the mobile sector became the fastest growing segment of the gaming industry. Today, there are more than 1 billion mobile gamers in existence, or roughly 1 in 7 people.

The global eSports industry is projected to earn $1.2 billion by 2019, up sharply from the $890 million earned in 2016 when eSports viewers topped 212 million. More eyeballs on competitive tournaments will also see higher ad and sponsorship revenue. Recent data from Business Insider shows this already to be the case. According to BI, global brand spending on eSports alone will reach $800 million in 2019.

Let’s also not forget the WiseGuysResearch report that forecast eSports to grow at a CAGR of 36% through 2019.

Main Features

The Gizer Network provides a number of unique features to gamers, venues and other businesses tied to the eSports industry. Some of the main features include:

  • Create and host events: Users can use their mobile devices to create a tournament in under a minute before livestreaming it online.
  • Build a network: Users each have their own friends list where they can chat with existing contacts and seek out new players to compete against.
  • GroupChat: The GroupChat feature allows users to message their friends and foes in-app.
  • Create teams: The Network allows gamers to find other compatible players to create a team.
  • Find tournaments: Online and LAN tournaments are a click away on the mobile app.
  • Offer services: Users can use the mobile app to list their skills and services.
  • Bracket features: Automated bracket software allows users to join a tournament bracket as an individual or as a team.
  • Find sponsors: If you’re looking for a sponsor, Gizer will offer you a platform for finding small businesses who are willing to advertise.
  • Boost features: Gamers can compete in tournaments for the Gizer in-app currency called Boost. You can use Boost to enter events, purchase goods or cash out.

The Gizer Team

Gizer features a young team of product and business development managers, data modellers, security specialists and UI/UX specialists. The team also has a network of leading advisors ranging from legal counsel to smart contract auditor and all the way up to blockchain expert.

The company is headed by co-founders Jack Lamir, Gabriel Steinberg and Jonathen Kerstein. The executives have a strong background in finance, business and business technology. Their international team includes Akhmad Khoirudin (UI/UX), Saad Malik (Security and Backend Development), Felix Dragoi (Data Modeling) and Abel Czupor (Growth & Marketing).

Advising Gizer are Suleyman Duyar (Salses), Nick Scannavino (Legal), Bok Khoo (Smart Contract Auditor) and Alex Kampa (Blockchain).

The Verdict

Projects that utilize the blockchain to tap into fast-growing markets are going to be viewed favorably by the investment world. They are also more likely to be solid opportunities for investors looking to participate in a high-flying startup.

That Gizer will hold a presale over the SAFT creates a strong value proposition for investors. Your author is extremely bullish on SAFTs because they represent the best chance we have of creating a self-regulated cryptocurrency market. In its most basic form, a SAFT promises investors future tokens at a fixed price. But those tokens can be distributed either at launch or through inbuilt vesting strategies that encourage continued support over time.

From a fundamental perspective, Gizer is operating at the cutting edge of a fast-growth industry that is receiving lofty valuations. It remains to be seen whether it can capitalize on the opportunity.

All things considered, we give Gizer a score of 7.2 out of 10.

Investment Details

The Gizer initial coin offering (ICO) will raise $18 million through a combined SAFT presale and public crowdsale. Last week, Gizer unveiled its token presale to accredited investors on SAFTLaunch, a New York-based ICO platform that connects accredited investors with vetted token sales. The sale will go public as an ICO on Oct. 20.

SAFTs differ from plain vanilla ICOs precisely in the vetting process. Whereas ICOs require identify verification alone, SAFTs must satisfy the requirement of identity and investor accreditation. For this reason, SAFTs are said to provide secure accreditation and KYC/AML checks.

A total of 100 million GZR tokens will be issued, with 70 million available for sale. Each token will be valued at 0.27 USD.

The full investment specs are provided below.

Token Info:

  • Token: GZR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Initial Price: 1 GZR = 0.27 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 70 million

Investment Info:

  • SAFT Presale Cap: $6 million
  • Public Crowdsale Cap: $12 million
  • Hard Cap: $18 million
  • 70 million GZR to be distributed
  • 15 million GZR to be held in reserve
  • 15 million GZR to be retained by GZR
  • Purchase methods: USD and ETH
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