ICO Analysis: Block66

The mortgage market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. The market in the United States is around $10 trillion dollars, but the worldwide figure of $33 trillion is even more impressive. Yet getting a mortgage is not easy as risk-averse institutions do not have business with many viable candidates. Even if institutions at a smaller scale and private lenders want to get their piece of the pie, they are having a hard time to find a place in the market and meet entry barriers.

Block66 is a mortgage blockchain platform aiming to connect these two sides of lenders and borrowers. By using this platform, credible people whose applications are denied by the mainstream mortgage market now can borrow funds from lenders. It should be also noted that a mortgage application takes forty to forty-five days in the United States and the most of this period is spent on bureaucratic issues. At the end of this period, many people’s applications are rejected, and their precious time is just wasted.

But now thanks to smart contracts and the blockchain technology, this inefficient and stressful process of loaning and borrowing money can be conducted in a way much easier and faster. Having no access to any bank account or geographical boundaries is not an issue as long as you find a borrower or a lender, depending on which side of the trade you are. Any document can be automatically checked, thus no bureaucratic baggage. Truly Block66, the world’s first blockchain enabled mortgage lending network, can do it all in a highly transparent and efficient way.


The Block66 platform uses two different tokens. The first one, Block66 Token (B66), is the main currency of the network. The second one, Block66 Network Tokens (BNET), is produced by B66 tokens, quite similar to NEO-GAS pair. BNET tokens shall be used for actions which take place in the network such as covering third-party KYC costs and modifying the proof of loan tokens. This currency generation mechanism brings another incentive to hold B66 tokens. As no currency other than BNET can be used for these actions, we can say that BNET is the fuel of the Block66 platform. Any BNET used for in-platform actions will be burned, thus decreasing the supply and increasing the demand per token.

The ICO investor should note that in the pre-sale round still going on, contributors are offered a discount of 33%, making the price $0.07 per token.

The initial total supply of B66 is 300,000,000 tokens with the following token distribution:

  1. 9% advisors and bug bounty
  2. 40% reserve
  3. 16.6% presale
  4. 34.4% main sale

The team is planning to use the token sale proceeds as follows.

  1. 15% operations
  2. 30% business development
  3. 40% engineering
  4. 15% marketing


CEO John Markham: Markham is a mortgage agent at Mortgage Intelligence, a mortgage broker company located in Ontario, Canada.

Vishal Karangutkar: Prior to joining Block66 as a solidity developer, Karanguthar has worked as a principal engineer at Fidelity Investments and as a senior system engineer at Merrill Lynch.


Shingo Lavine: Lavine is the founder and CEO at Ethos.

Hakim Thompson: Thompson was the vice-president at Goldman Sachs’ Mortgages & Structured Products division before joining Behalf, an alternative financial provider for small to medium-sized businesses, as the director of finance.

Rob Beswick: Beswick is the chief commercial officer at Virgin Mobile.

Maurice Herlihy: Herlihy is a professor of computer science at Brown University and an advisor to Ethos and Algorand.


Bounty0x: Bounty0x is a blockchain platform built on the 0x protocol, allowing people and companies to run bounty programs.

Civic: Civic is a blockchain project which creates tools for identity protection and control.


Below is a breakdown of the risks and growth potential of Block66.


  • MVP will be launched Q1’ 2019. (-1.5)
  • Cryptocurrencies’ volatility is quite a big problem for lending platforms. (-1.5)

Growth Potential

  • Due to the money lending market’s unrealistic standards and unfair restrictions, so many people’s demands are rejected. Once projects like Block66 earn these people’s trust, this area will be definitely a hot one. (+2)
  • The presence of team members experienced in mortgage and real estate markets. (+2)
  • Fair token metrics. (+2)


The mortgage market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world, but due to institutional lenders’ risk-averseness, many credible people and small companies are not able to get a loan even if there are smaller institutions and private lenders out there willing to make loans. Block66 is the first mortgage-focused lending and borrowing cryptocurrency project, aiming to break down this wall between these two sides. Although it is pretty much established between the cryptocurrency community that lending platforms provide an important use-case, the expected success is not met so far. Block66 has a fair shot at relative success by having team members experienced in mortgage loans and real estate. Yet, since MVP will not be released until next year, it is too early to tell. Block66 receives a 3/10.

Investment Details

  • Type: ERC20 – Utility
  • Symbol: B66
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: Unspecified
  • Minimum Investment: Unspecified
  • Price: $0.10
  • Hard Cap: $12,285,000
  • Payments Accepted: Unspecified
  • Restricted from Participating: Unspecified

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